Construction of Plant for Tuberculosis Medicine Seeks Investor

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Investment Opportunity

This investment project envisages the construction of a plant for the production of an innovative anti-tuberculosis medicine, containing silver nanoparticles.

The project implementation period will be 3 years, the payback period will also be 3 years.

Our work on tuberculosis medicine research dates back to 1994.
Our project envisages the creation of an industrial complex for the production of an anti-tuberculosis medicine, will be based on an innovative solution containing silver nanoparticles (NHS). The drug is effective against Mycobacterium tuberculosis with multidrug resistance (MDR), and will therefore replace expensive imported and domestic products. Due to the use of nanotechnology, the created medicine has several advantages over existing anti-tuberculosis medicines. The duration of treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis with nanocomposites is half shorter than the standard treatment duration. The success of curing tuberculosis with the new drug is more than 95%.

The project implementation will require 3 years and the payback period will be 3 years. The volume of investments required is 250 million rubles.
The planned capacity of the enterprise is from 200,000 to 600,000 packs / year, equaling revenues of USD 4 to 12 million per year.

A new building complex will need to be constructed as part of this project.
The complex will allow production of sterile medical products compliant with GMP standards.
Equipment for control, analysis, processing and packaging will also be bought.
The project involves construction of two laboratories: a microbiological one and a control and analysis one.
The estimated profit when full capacity is reached will be USD 1.1 million a year.

Target market: The promotion of products will be done through wholesale pharmacy companies and government purchases on the domestic pharmaceutical market in Russia.
The CIS and European markets will be targeted later.

In 5 years we aim at a market share of 5-7% and annual revenue of about $7.0 million USD.
Preclinical tests have been completed at this stage at accredited ILC Ltd NBTS "Farmbiomed" Moscow and Yaroslavl State Medical Academy. Documents to conduct clinical trials have been submitted for consideration at the Russian Healthcare Ministry. Methods for quality control of the finished product have been developed and tested. A pilot line has been launched and a prototype has been produced.
A Russian patent has been registered for "Method of obtaining silver nanoparticles" and the three decisions on granting the patent are for:
- "Combined anti-tuberculosis medicine "
- "A preventive remedy for skin with anti-tuberculosis effect "
- "Anti-tuberculosis pharmacological action"

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