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Investment Opportunity

I have developed orthopedic underpants with ergonomic design which improve blood circulation when sitting and prevent osteochondrosis, prostatitis and hemorrhoids.

An investment of $165,000 will be used for sales promotion, patent registration abroad and equipment purchases. Payback period: 3 years.

The everyday orthopedic underpants we have developed help prevent hip diseases: osteochondrosis, hemorrhoids, prostatitis, etc. which result from prolonged sitting in the office, transport vehicles and at home. The product has a special ergonomic design and is easy to use. It improves blood circulation in the hip area of the human body by reducing the pressure on the tail bone.

The product is protected under a Russian patent for utility model.

The results from patent research and marketing research show that there is no similar product on the market. The closest analogous product is a pad for chairs, which is inconvenient to carry around everywhere and has a thickness of no less than 3 cm (which increases the seat height and decreases its ergonomic properties.

Seats with improved ergonomic features preventing pressure on the tail bone in a sitting position are also infrequently available.

This makes our new orthopedic product unique on the market. In addition, the underpants can be produced from inexpensive industrial materials which will result in a low sales price affordable to the general public in any country. The main target market segment are the elderly, especially older people with weakened muscles of the buttocks (which aggravates hip problems).

Thus, production of this emerging-market-type product requires an active strategy for market promotion. An external investment will allow us to develop a stable successful niche for sales with a 3-year payback period.

Our company currently rents production premises, but when we develop a stable market we will be able to purchase our own sewing equipment and establish a workshop.

The company has a minimum of staff, and when specific tasks need to be performed we hire external service providers. This eliminates unnecessary cost overruns due to insufficient workload of non-productive workers and also contributes to optimal planning and low costs in the period of the financial crisis.

About 95% of our product sales are made up of internally developed products, derived from the synthesis of folk traditions of northern nations and modern technology. The project manager and the inventor of the orthopedic underwear holds a PhD and has many years of experience and periods of activity as:
-constructor-designer in an experimental laboratory;
-senior researcher at the Scientific Institute of Occupational Safety;
-manager at a scientific and industrial enterprise.

He is the author of over 50 scientific publications and 14 IPR documents in 7 countries, focused on inventions and scientific research methods. The inventor has also completed a management course at the Business Center of a US university.

Investors can contact us on Merar.

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