Russia's Largest Clinics Chain for Laser Cosmetology Seeks Partners

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I propose a cooperation that is the establishment of a joint venture. Each party (the potential investor and the associating clinics) will receive equal proportions.

The minimum amount of investment required by a partner is $ 1300000. The payback period is 2 years.

Anyone who makes a breakthrough in technology, gets a temporary monopoly.
Our key services are unique and nobody else can offer the consumer anything like this, at least for the next few years.

QOOL-epilation ™ (removal of hair without pain and risk of complications),
Nanoperforation ™ (technology of skin rejuvenation),
TargetCreationTechnology ™ (technology for treatment of vascular skin diseases),
DeepAcousticWave ™ (technology for dye tattoo removing without damaging the skin),
PINCO ™ (technology for treatment of skin pigmentation) - this is only a partial list of our unique technologies.

Rights to their application are exclusively owned by the company LINLINE GmbH (Germany), which is one of the founding partners of the chain of clinics „Linlayn”.
First LINLINE Clinic was founded in Yekaterinburg in 1999. At the beginning of 2010, the Chain of clinics LINLINE comprises 12 clinics, and five more are in the process of been launched.

Today, we are Russia's largest chain of clinics for laser cosmetology. Each clinic has the same range of services regardless of location, according to the same standards.

Our objective - until 2012 to expand the chain to at least 50 clinics. Clinics will be opened in Russian cities with a population of 250,000 people. There are also plans to open several clinics in the CIS countries and abroad.

LINLINE group of companies includes:
- Clinics "Linlayn;
- A Management company;
- A Training Center;
- A Call-center handling inbound calls from any region of Russia and the recording of a consultation at any clinic of the Chain;
- A Service Center (repair and maintenance of medical equipment);
- An Advertising Agency;
- Publishing;
- A Magazine for customers of the clinics.

The immense participation of the chain of clinics led to a set up of the first Russian professional society of specialists in the field of photomedicine "SOF".
Their main activity is (70% of revenue): laser cosmetology.
Related areas (30% of revenue): Sale of professional cosmetics, plastic injection, mesotherapy, botox, hardware techniques to reduce weight.

Format: Clinic for three office workers (laser and two beauty) with a total area of 120-200 m ². One clinic, according to our calculations, is good for every 150-200 people, and in large regional center there may be 3-4 clinics in different areas of the city.

Management: an unified management company of the chain of clinics.
Outsourcing: the clinic personnel is exclusively engaged in the provision of public services. All related activities (advertising, maintenance of the incoming calls, training, accounting services, the service of medical equipment, etc.) are made by companies of the holding.
Taxation: 6% of the revenues (simplified form) UTII in the retail trade.
Trademarks: each of the clinics concludes a contract with the copyright holder.
The program involves a long-term co-operation of the chain of clinics with the regional LINLINE partner.

Expenses of share capital will be acquired for all the necessary equipment and furniture.
Our clients are 80% women. Age - between 20 to 55 years.

Interested investors can contact us on Merar for more detailed information.

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