Investment Project for Publishing House

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Russia Russia
  • Industry: Publishing
  • Stage: Expansion/Growth
  • Investment size: $3,400,000 / min. $2,400,000

Investment Opportunity

Closed Joint-Stock Company exists in the Russian market for more than two years. Despite the short period of work, a team has achieved considerable results and at the moment is able to with more experienced competitors.

One of the first projects of "Publishing house" Pony "became a book series" 25 shots ". Up to date we have published 4 books of this series. The author of the work - Irina Ahmatenko - touches in her books the eternal topics: about love and friendship, children, parents, faith and knowledge. A set of semantic and philosophical layers overlap on each other, hot topics and issues of modernity interweave in the most amazing way. Everyone reading these books will certainly find in them something of his own, something close. Will have a wish to think about it and understand. And the convenient size and beautiful design makes this book series affordable and accessible for everyone.

Next was the historical-journalistic series "Silver dew." The first book of the series "A fierce pain with a pure heart to stay” by the author Raisa Kuchuganovay is published and successful. The second book in two volumes “That is how people lived” by the same author is preparing to be published, dedicated to the people and their customs, tempers and traditions of the Uimon Valley region of the Altai Republic, populated from 18th century by old believers.

Not long ago in the "Publishing house" Pony ", was founded a new division - the almanac" New Literary Magazine "devoted to the works of young fiction writers, and published the first issue circulation of 5,000 copies. An Internet portal of the “New Literary Magazine” - – an universal social network for all creative people.

At the moment the Publishing is working on two new projects. One of them - "Library NLM”. To publish their works in this series have the opportunity registered users of the portal, as well as authors who are not members of the NLM literary community, but which works has not been published or received by the publishing house.

As statistic of the site shows, the NLM portal has a very rich literary material and is capable to provide continuous output of books in this series. The subject of the project promises to be the most diverse and include all known genres, demanded by modernity and proposed by the authors.

Another project under development – a book series "Indigo children”, which includes art works by contemporary authors, based on materials of a new generation of children. This is an original attempt to answer the question why these children were born, what is their mission and is there a danger to our planet.

To "G.A.V. STUDIO »(unit of " Publishing house "Pony") was recorded and released a circulation of 5,000 copies of a Vyacheslav Malezhik audio "French novel", about which the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets published a promotional article.

Since August 2010, works also a NLM-TV. Two news issues of "G.A.V. STUDIO » are already recorded and posted on the site and everyone can comment them on a special topic in the forum.

Investors can contact us on Merar.

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