Developer of Technologies for Cold/Heat-Proof Clothing Needs Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We develop technologies for production of garments protecting from cold and heat, using the principle of heat-recovery of the human body. $200000 are needed.

Garments for protection of people and premises from the cold and the heat. We have experience and production premises. Investment needed for an experimental laboratory, patent protection and marketing. Payback period: 2-3 years.

Potential market: northern and southern regions.

The base: experience of many years in research and development in design of products, based on the principle of heat-recovery of the human body’s own heat:
- half-mask (USSR, USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland patent; at minus 60 ˚C, the mask keeps the temperature underneath to plus 6-20 ˚ C, depending on the energy loss -thanks to heat-recovery of exhaled heat)
- chemisorption heat-insulating shoe insole ( USSR; increases the temperature of the foot by 5˚ for an hour)
- winter clothes (USSR, a Russian Federation patent; at minus 48-minus 53˚C builders wear overalls with thickness of about 1.5 cm).

With the new products heat loss can be reduced in winter and overheating of the body and premises can be prevented in summer by up to 30% without any additional equipment (appliances).
Reusable bactericidal chemisorptions material is used in these products (Russian Federation patent, nanotechnology) and its manufacturing has been established. For example, the insole made of it provides a normal dry and light warm effect without any additional source of heat.

The new products are not expensive, because they are high-technology and do not require expensive materials. High efficiency is guaranteed by a well-written package of materials and optimal design.

The basis for these effective solutions is the long-term scientific and practical experience of the inventor in developing o products for protecting humans in extreme climatic conditions.

The new products have high performance and modern design. The engineering solution represents a number of potential inventions.

The abovementioned gives grounds to assume that the new product is unique on the market. Marketing research results show that it will enjoy a large number of buyers. We aim to solve the urgent problems of the ordinary consumers through low-cost consumer goods. However, as this production is not yet on the market and is a new kind of product, these segments can be described as emerging and considered promising. Therefore an active advertising campaign should be launched.

The economic effect from launching production of these products will be in the form of reduction in the number of cases of colds and chronic diseases, hypothermia and overheating of the body, as well as energy saving from an autonomous power supply and by reducing the use of air conditioners and heaters.
The company has minimal staff and rents industrial premises but, if sufficient funding is available, is ready to create its own workshop/factory at a relatively small cost.

Prototypes of some products have been developed so far. If orders are made, the required amount of products can be produced.
We have held preliminary talks with customers in Yakutia, Krasnoyarsk District, and the United Arab Emirates.
Investments are required to build our own experimental laboratory, to promote products on the market and register patents, totalling $ 200000, the payback of which will begin with the appearance of the first major customer.

Investors can contact us on Merar.

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