Construction of Hotels in Sochi

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Construction of Hotels in Sochi. Payback is approximately 24 months.

The concept of the project:
In the area of the Lazarev city of Sochi, on the shore of a mountain river Psezuapse, which empties into the Black Sea, a landarea, the size of ten acres for the construction of the hotel complex. The plot is in private ownership.

The site is successfully entered into a natural lanshaft, which resembles a mountain Switzerland: mountain slopes, covered with forests,
river with pure water, where voditsya Farel, near the sea roar. The climate is mild, subtropical climate: growing persimmons, feyhua and grapes.

In a mile from the site is located Dolphinarium, next - a water park, nearby - a market based circus. All
it attracts a huge number of tourists.

My colleagues have built themselves into an area of ??10 acres of a small private tourist hotel costs a hundred meters for the construction of which paid off in two years. Tourist business brings them only during the summer decent money.
In connection with the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, a private hotel will be profitable and in the winter here will be opened mountain skiing and other sports facilities.

There is a possibility of cooperation with the travel company and the organization of tourist routes.

Audience Project
Seasonal (summer) tourists using accommodation hotel complexes. Visitors to the Olympics in 2014
which will create the base for winter recreation and as a result of winter tourists.

The size of investments
Purchase of land - 12.500.000 RUB + Construction Costs
8-919-270-75-89 (Ask George Dmitrievich)

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