Acquisition of 2 Ships in Russia

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We offer you the option of investing in the acquisition of 2 river sea ships. The sum of transactions is USD3.1 million. Profit for the period of navigation is USD 100,000 per month from each ship. Navigation is 7 months per year.

I. Project Summary
One individual is the sole owner of a shipping company established in Russia and acting under the laws of the Russian Federation. Shipping company owns the right of ownership type vessel "Nefterudovoz."

The same individual is the sole owner of a foreign company. Foreign company has the right of ownership type vessel "Nefterudovoz" and deliver the ship under a bareboat (lease) the above-mentioned shipping companies of Russia (in fact - to itself). The shipping company has all necessary licenses, personnel, office and so on, equipment, the right lease for office space. Director of the Russian shipping company is its sole member.

Thus, one individual owns and operates two vessels of "Nefterudovoz." An individual in connection with the intention to buy ship-repair factory, sells the shipping of Russian companies and foreign companies on the following conditions:
• Price Shipping Company (200 thousand U.S. dollars + company Nefterudovoz 1.4 million U.S. dollars) - 1.6 million.
• Price of a foreign company (Nefterudovoz) - 1.45 million.
The final price with the owner is not consistent.

II. A summary of the Courts
Ships are in good condition, register documents and documents available to the property, restrictions and encumbrances on the courts are not imposed.

Ships have high technical equipment and meet all requirements for safety of navigation in the marine waters in accordance with the areas and conditions for sailing ships of this type.

At present, the court actually operated in the southern region: the Caspian and Black Sea (river and sea ports in southern Russia, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Bulgaria).

Crews have all the necessary permits to work on ships.

Court of this type is designed for the transport of diesel fuel (~ 2200 tons.) And the general dry cargo (~ 2300 tons.), Ie one-way diesel fuel is transported in the opposite direction - dry cargo.

III. Market of the coastal and river transport (the "short arm")

Use of the waterway for transportation of cargo, historically and to this day is more profitable than transporting on road and rail.

The high cost and the duration of the construction of new vessels (the cost of new ships of this class ~ 12-15 million U.S. dollars, the construction period 2 years) available in the destruction of the shipbuilding base of the USSR, does not allow in the next 10 years to speak of the possibility of a sufficient number of new Competitive ships of this class. With that the old Court 60 70s building gradually phased out, there is a continuing need in the Navy to provide an increasing volume of goods.

At the same time, the government applies the protective measures to ensure that orders for the new building located at the Russian shipyards. It also hinders the emergence of a mass of new vessels flying the flag of the Russian Federation. All this is beneficial to the possibility of effective operation of vessels Besprostoynoy in the next 7-10 years. Ships of the type "Nefterudovoz" as LCL, are used to "short arm", ie at distances of 1000-1500 miles.

Pending the court delivered by diesel fuel from Turkmenistan in Bulgaria, Turkey, on the way back to deliver the metal to steel mills in southern Russia and Ukraine.

IV. Economy

Actual financial results of the shipping company from the operation of two Nefterudovoz: Monthly total revenue for the provision of freight services - 600 thousand U.S. dollars. during the navigation season (April-November). Monthly common charges, including all taxes associated with the organization of freight traffic during the navigation season - 400 thousand U.S. dollars. Monthly net income in the period of navigation - 200 thousand U.S. dollars.

In winter (November to mid April), the court also work, but the profitability in this period is negligible (about 20-30 thousand U.S. dollars). The main objective of the winter: the availability of working capital, lack of spending on sediment (deposit) of the vessel and the risk of theft of equipment during the period of sludge.

Another activity of the shipping company is not engaged.

V. Terms of investor
Proposed options for cooperation with the investor:
1. Investing in terms of long-term loan (the four navigation) bail Nefterudovoz.
2. Participation in the share capital of the shipping company.
3. Acquisition of vessels and investor renting them out of the shipping company (perhaps - "with purchase"). In this case, the author of the self-TEK Acquires the 200 thousands USD.

Investors can freely contact us on Merar for the acquisition of the two ships.

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