Investment Project for Newly Developed Rotary-piston Engine

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We have developed a new rotary-piston four-stroke petrol-fueled injection engine with liquid cooling. Vh=500 cu cm; N-max=1,500 rpm; Compression rate: 8.5; N=62 kW.

Rotary-piston internal combustion engine. (Here are the main features of one selected model)

1 Rotary-piston four-stroke petrol-fueled injection engine with piston rings similar to conventional piston rings, with liquid cooling.
2. Vh = 500 cm3
3. n max = 1,500 rpm.
4. Compression ratio: 8.5 ... 5 (changes automatically when pressing the accelerator).
5. N = 62 kW.
6. MCR = 400 N • m (exceeding the MCR of traditional internal combustion engines threefold).
7. Average fuel consumption: 5.6 l/hour.
8. Power variation range with an increase in the flow of fuel (when pressing the accelerator): more than 3 times that of traditional engines. So the gearbox can be extremely simple: for higher, lower and rear transmission.
9. Dynamic balance (due to application design): exceeding that of the traditional internal combustion engines.
10. Dimensions and weight: 3 - 4 times less than those of traditional internal combustion engines.
11. Exhaust emissions at the level of traditional internal combustion engines.
12. Manufacturing does not require foundry redistribution/compartments of the cylinder.
13. The cost of engine production (in mass production) is several times lower than that of traditional internal combustion engines.
14. Newly-developed engine is at the same or higher level compared with traditional combustion engines.

Investors can contact us on Merar.

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