Game-Car Racing Around the City in Real Time Looking for Investor

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Investment Opportunity

Looking for an investor to provide a certain service: hosting of a game-car racing in real time (online) in the city of Volgograd.

Project for creation of a game-races in real time in the city of Volgograd.
Clock and uninterrupted operation of the company, tracking and directing of the route of players, participating in the project.

I live in Volgograd, and so I want to create my own business for racing games in real time (arcade) - providing services in this city for participating in the arcade game in real time.

Contestants must be members of the club - the organizer of the competition.

Competition will be held both in the city and beyond it.
There are certain requirements for the participants such as: age of driver must be at least 23 years and driving experience of at least 5 years (driver's experience is considered from the issue date of the driver's license). Installing certain rules for players by signing of the agreement, with a compulsory condition for non violation of security conditions and traffic regulations throughout the game competition.

Installation of additional equipment for car racers (cameras, radios, GPS-navigation) must be provided by the organizer of the competition.
One passenger, who must be at least 18 years old, is allowed to stay in the car of competitor. A separate agreement for participation in the game is going to be signed with the passenger.
Membership in the club for the passenger is not required.

The whole game play should be controlled by operators who need to coordinate the participated players by the radio and using GPS-navigation.

It is planned to create certain competitions for the participants, drawing prizes between them.Competitions can be held individually for each participant or between the parties.

There is also an idea of opening multiple categories for the players depending on engine size, competitions within the category and between categories.

The project must work around the clock and must pass a set of qualified personnel.

About the plans:

The project should interest a lot of people and be the first to conduct competitions for motorists, in legal terms and not violating Russian laws.

In the long term:

Creating a company logo, a brand. Investor’s advertising on the radio, TV, the company's expansion, opening offices for smooth operation.
This project is only at the stage of development. Investment is required. Profits from the project should be invested for the development of the organization, followed by access to the automotive market (buying and selling cars, service repair and installation of equipment on cars, the purchase of petrol stations).
I look forward to fruitful cooperation with the investor.

Interested investors can contact us on Merar for more information.

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