Energy Investment Project about Resonance Hydrogen Generator

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our Water Hydrogen Generator Reactors can be produced to work with any Power Station WORLDWIDE. The investor will be working in partnership with the TVL team.

Envisage an energy source that emits no dangerous chemicals or gases, addresses diminishing natural resources and costs a fraction to produce. We at TVL have developed such a source.

The current project is about creating a unit for extraction of hydrogen from water for the purposes of heat energy.

The investor will be working in partnership with the TVL team to fulfil its obligations, environmental principles and significant future profitability.

On agreement the third phase - Prototype 1 development - will be conducted under the supervision of the investor at the University of Belgrade, Serbia or at agreed facilities designated by the investor.

As part of the initial agreement of the third phase the investor will have option rights to continue with phases four and five under terms negotiated and agreed.

Phases four and five will fund all requirements of and for works completed, fees, land, construction, technical equipment, laboratories, product materials, legality, health & safety, administration and a global strategy for sales, marketing and distribution etc.

Competitive Advantage

The RHB Renosance Hydrogen Burner is:

Efficient energy from pure water

Whilst one may maintain that the technology of extracting hydrogen from water for the purposes of heat energy has no direct commercial competition, we are cognisant of the fact that the competitive market is well established and other innovations have addressed hydrogen extraction from water.

Similar developments in the extraction technology have failed to provide a robust, safe, versatile and cost effective solution.

Our patented extraction methods, inexpensive running costs and a myriad of environmental benefits, provide uniqueness unparalleled in the industry today.

From a sales and licensing perspective, the company will introduce a phased two-tier distribution and divisional strategy.

Firstly, TVL will develop its own unique brand water reactors for the domestic market and industrial i.e power stations. By creating commercial and market awareness, a second phase of licensing will occur with the leading global manufacturing companies by adapting their existing energy source.

As with our investment partnerships we will favour those companies with a clear and dedicated initiative program on the environment and provide exclusivity for period under negotiation.

Given the two-tier distribution method, we foresee extensive penetration in the markets. At all levels of geographic and customer coverage, income, gross and operating margin we are extremely confident in the company’s success, profusion and profitability.

The Management Board of TVL have extensive global experience in an array of industries and sectors including international finance, investment banking, renewable energy, industrial mining, financial technology, commerce, governmental bodies, non-governmental organisations, construction, engineering, design and manufacturing.

We have worked with some of the world's leading blue chip companies and continue to hold several senior positions and directorships.

Milestones in development and future funding requirements will be presented in the subsequent sections.

Rationale for the deal

By 2010, domestic water boiler heating unit sales have reached almost 12 million units globally, with the United Kingdom continuing to dominate, followed by South Korea and Italy respectfully. Seven players dominate the European domestic boiler market. These include Bosch, Baxi, Vaillant, Viessmann, MTS Group, Riello and Ferroli.

All copyright, intellectual property, design, development, prototypes and documentation will remain the property of the TVL at all times up to the completion of the third phase and thereafter depending upon agreed and negotiated terms. All patents and trademarks will remain the property of TVL perpetually.

Use of financing

Please contact us to request the white papers personally since they are confidential.

Opportunity for the investor

We'd like to work with an investor with the same values and green vision like us. Terms and conditions of the deal are negotiable once the investor views the papers and our video presentation of the product in question and we have the opportunity to discuss the project in person.

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