Dream-Maker Start-Up Project in Need of Hands-On Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The idea is to produce a device that helps you relax, sleep or wake up using sounds and color. It can also induce dreams. There is a big market for a device that would incorporate all of the above. The idea is not just to introduce the device, but to open a whole new market for products supplementing the device.

The device uses sounds and light effects to create chemical changes in your body that help you relax, calm down or charge u up, induces dreams and progressively wakes you up. The main features that give the mentioned results have been tested and put into use in alternative medicine. Some devices and computer programs have been developed, but nothing comes close to a commercial success. The device I have in mind would incorporate all of this in a way that would open up a vast market in personal or medicinal use. The device is operated by a computer program.

It doesn't take much market research to discover that my idea has a big potencial. In the modern age the way that life rushes by sometimes removes the time we need for our mind and body to relax and recharge. A device that can help you calm down to a relaxed state, using non ivasive light and sound in a short period of time would be desired. A device that would help your child effectively fall to sleep would be desired. A device that pushes you into a depper REM fase would be desired. There is a lot of ways to use this device, and that makes it very competitive.

I have an idea how this device should work, I have an idea how much it would cost, I have an idea how to make extra money from it, but I have no idea how to start this properly in the mist of economic crisis.

Competitive Advantage

A big advantage is the way this device would work. Basic functions are multilayer sound and light emitting, but because of the way it works it covers everything from a radio, to an alarm clock, or even a baby monitor is possible. I would have to give out sensitive information to reveal more market potential.

Market entry still has to be discussed. I have option of an indirect approach to over 17 markets in Europe. Piggybacking is possible. More information about this factor will be provided upon contact.

Rationale for the deal

For the past three years I have been looking for devices that would simulate what I have in mind. I found out, that there is not much that the market can offer in terms of helping me relax and fall asleep. I am sure about the usefulness of this device because I have simulated the effects with success. I can confirm that using the methods I have described gives the wanted result.

Use of financing

Possible investment would be used for developing a fully functional device. This includes the software to feed the device. I have no option of development due to lack of finance, which is why I am searching for a hands-on investor.

More information on financing would be provided in a further discussion.

Opportunity for the investor

A hands-on equity investor is probably the only way to do this. RoI and IRR are hard to predict.
I have a rough assessment of the cost for development and production of the first 10,000 pieces. More information regarding this can be given upon contact.

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