Investment Project for Retail and E-shop

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are a comapny witch is focused on the sports segment of the clothing world. Our stores retail and online will offer costumers not only clothing but a way to create a unique individual look.


Envy clothing offers an option to create your own look. The whole collection is interwoven with a design that appears on every product in a different placement. A person can create an entire wardrobe with Envy clothing.

Tehnologies/Special Know-How:
Envy is the only brand that uses Swiss patents in its clothing and is one of the few that uses d3o tehnologies incoorporated in clothing.

Vizija targets active lifestyle participants. The demographics of this initial segment are typically aged 13 to 35 males and females that have grown up near urban areas. These customers are active in snowboarding, skiing, surging, golf and other sports or they closely relate to those that do participate in this lifestyle. This segment frequently shops at specialty stores located in mall areas and can easily be reached through the internet, as well as through various events and magazines. This is a trend-setting group and they influence other audiences nationwide. As awareness in this initial market grows, secondary markets will open up across the EU, US and even internationally.

Distribution Channels:
- direct sale
- website / online store
- postal service or international postal service (FedEx, DHL)

The main competitors are husehold names in sports clothing ( Nike, Adidas, Burton, Spyder,...) The bigger number of thid brands lost focus on sports clothing. We focus primarely on sports!

Investors can contact us on Merar.

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