Private Investor Wanted for Real Estate / Construction in Spain

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are looking for a private investor for the construction of energy-efficient single-family homes and townhouses in Spain.

We are looking for our new project, modern and energy-efficient attached houses in Spain, for a private investor. We are planning to build 6 / 12 or 18 units of attached modern luxury homes, all build sustainably, high energy efficiency in A / A+, minimalistic styled, all with garden and own private pool...

Investment p. 6 units are app. 2.500.000 Euros, R.O.I. is calculated with 10-15% in approximately 10 months (for 6 units).

Rationale for the deal

90% of the new developments in Spain are categorized with an Energy rating B,C or sometimes E! In other European states, nobody buys a property rated under A.

Now the market in Spain is changing. We build in A/A+ with characteristics of a "PassivHaus". We build modular (20-30% prefabricated and 80-70% on the final destination). The structure of our houses is iron frame/shipping containers.

Use of financing

The capital is for building the houses (incl. the building plot). We build 6 houses incl. pools and community areas in less than 10 months. The investor reflects as a 100% owner of the land and the constructions. We calculate app. 20% under market price for the investor.

We will use the installations during the building process as a "showroom" and for marketing activities (press, TV, Open House etc.). As well we will sell the properties with our Real Estate Company. The benefit comes from the difference between purchasing price and selling price (10-15% ROI).

Opportunity for the investor

Looking for a silent investor.

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