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Several for sale products from the renewable energy sector.

Alternative Energy
Environmental technologies are opening up a new dimension to the user in renewable energy.

A concept for the future of photovoltaics and in space technology with greatly reduced solar surface.

With innovative RZ-technologies sampling a higher energy efficiency achieved by photovoltaic systems or as add-on drive for electric vehicles and will also be applicable in most integrated battery-operated devices.

The sampling process results with the applied input power leads an active and integral function as an addition to the input value at the output to increased performance, energy conservation remains permanently unchanged.

With known experimental models under the name PQPV, RZ 1, PQ 24/80, PQ 44 is idling, without consumers, the input dc voltage applied is dubled.

When a load is connected at the amplifier output, the current value is retained.
This worldwide new technology is still in development phase.

To cope with high current values ​​in the RZ-sampling method not commercially available control elements of unconventional design are used.

RZCAR with dual systems is used for future electric vehicles the generated power to charge a second battery and the operating system automatically switches to the battery charged.

The advantage of this new technology means more driving routes and shorter load times, lagging the current electric cars remain permanently inefficient.

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Forst equipments PQPV, RZ1...

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