The Necessary Technology Needed to Launch Medical Center

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Innovative medical system to treat arthritis, fibromyalgia, restless legs syndrome-diabet ,es typo 2 ,pain ,obesite,depuration.

Innovative medical system to treat arthritis, fibromyalgia, restless legs syndrome-diabetes typo 2 ,pain

I need financing to promote an innovative and effective treatment for these pathologies. The investment is relatively small; maybe a partner instead of an investor is what I’m looking for, someone who supports me with contacts and sales strategies, as well as getting the therapy to be known. I would take care of the aparatology and the overall treatment.

It’s really profitable since there is no competition or any effective system to successfully treat these patients. I’m in Spain but I could be in any Spanish speaking country.

There are no secondary effects whatsoever and all the sessions and the overall treatment don’t take much time.

Not only do I see this as the possibility to start up a consultation, but also as a luxury hotel, resort, etc, since I have a complete health and welfare program.

If you already have something like this, we could talk so I can take care of the treatments there in precise moments, without any sort of society, but as a freelance instead.

Should you have any doubts, contact me, because we can do something good, not only financially, but also to help many people.

Best regards,

Rationale for the deal

I have more than 250,000 euros already invested in technologies studies etc.

Use of financing

Rent and support first months of operation, advertising etc.

Opportunity for the investor

Given the health system has no solution to these pathologies, it is a very profitable and very well accepted sociamente.

Our mission and commitment is to develop the most effective and no invasive procedures to help improve the welfare and quality of life.
Our comprehensive approach helps us to make a more accurate analysis, and patients to understand the underlying cause of their ailments.
Everything we do and every emotion we feel is related to our welfare. In turn, our well-being, directly affects our actions and emotions is a magic circle or a vicious circle depends on our way of seeing and living life.
We work from the research and development of latest technology through evolutionary nutrition, detoxification and ending in the dissemination of knowledge and experience acquired.

If we want to heal rejuvenate -sanar and therefore it is clear already that the first thing we have to do is to detoxify and drain all the accumulated toxic.

Healing processes require some preconditions, which are those that must be accomplished via the first place. We understand including:
- Available without reservation by the patient for change and self-reliance
- Adequate regulation anabolic / catabolic cellular metabolism
- Discharge acidification of the extracellular matrix, for example, fatty acid denatured
- Recreation rhythmic and leveling deficiency states
-Revitalización Cells and matrix

For this reason, the value of a full body treatment, which is to address a change and thereby a reconstitution and regulation, and this will not be underappreciated. Thus the conditions for welfare were achieved.
What primary it is to recover the capacity lost adaptation of the affected tissue.
To achieve such a thing, they must be corrected against polar all deviations of cellular metabolism that underlie all chronic diseases and disorders of the dynamic balance of acids and bases that follow from those and at the same time, even all deficiency states. Only thus can the affected tissue to perform regenerative processes and heal.

Any disruption in our body is immediately reflected in vibration or oscillatory rhythms of cells. Each organ has a vibration or frequency, to a disorder it is modified, generating (pathological frequencies. These pathological frequencies are recorded at the cellular level, causing changes in the molecular structure (rigid frequencies), is why many diseases are repeated . under certain circumstances Therefore, the dynamics of every disease can be distinguished four phases:

1. Alteration Psychical.

2. physical disorder.

3. Functional disorders.

4. organ damage.

Our multifunctional system increases reactions through which toxic substances become more soluble improving excretion, and preventing its accumulation in the body, causing a detoxifying enzyme activity and reparative.

Today we know that our suffering comes from the toxins of our mind and body, that is the mission of this center, a purification and rejuvenation, both physical and mental.

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