Wealth Preservation and Growth Strategies with Deep European Network

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are a Swiss based independent asset manager. Today we use this approach for value investments and in combination with precious metals and energy as tail risk hedge.

Key facts about the company:
• Domicile Switzerland
• Company formation: 2003
• Team: 5 experts (plus 7 in external project teams)
• Ownership: private shareholders

Our company manages its shareholders assets with the objective to reach attractive double digit returns with single digit volatility. We have a clear focus on wealth preservation in real terms and to be well positioned for the next financial and economic crisis. In order to reach our objectives we invest in liquid instruments in our proprietary alternative value investment strategy and combine this with investments in projects in the field of alternative energy/resources, IT/new media and sustainable finance. In all our projects we are actively involved in the strategic project structuring, financing and business development.

We have two main areas of activity: asset management and business development.

Our asset management or own portfolio consists of two sub portfolios. In the Alternative Value Investment portfolio we invest only in liquid assets, listed stocks, ETFs, futures and options. In the second sub portfolio we hold equity or mezzanine positions in projects that we are actively developing with our partners. These are venture capital/private equity type investments with the objective to prepare a trade sale or IPO.

Our business development activities use our extensive network to a wide range of mainly European investors and our business network. The main objective is to boost the general activities of the company as well as the project business. The main emphasis is the fund raising activities. For selected projects that fit with our philosophy we offer this services to external partners too.

Competitive Advantage

We started in 2003 focused on wealth preservation strategies and are the first to offer this kind of Gold + Interest Bond investment.

We combine very traditional business values with state of the art knowledge in information technology as well as long term experience in trading, international finance, strategy/strategic management and project structuring. Our long term international network to decision makers in finance, business and technological companies/organizations enables us to reach our objectives and create real value.

Rationale for the deal

Over the years we created a deep European network in the financial and asset management community on which our success is dependent.

Our investment approach:
Our Alternative Value Investment approach is derived from the traditional Benjamin Graham/Warren Buffett type of value investing. The main strategy is a yield generating portfolio, this is used to continuously generate returns through option strategies. In addition we use volatility, precious metal and energy strategies to cover tail-events and participate in upside trends.

Over the past decades value stock strategies generated an excellent performance with low volatility. We use the value stock filter process to identify attractive investment opportunities. Out of this list of securities we select investments based on the technical conditions in the markets and option market pricings. The objective is to generate continuous premium income out of option strategies (YIELD). In order to buffer potential downside moves and generate additional returns during sharp corrections. We hedge this portfolio through volatility strategies. In the long term precious metals and especially gold provided a good protection against crises and inflation. But in general markets are not in balance. Hence, in the short term there are always periods with irrational valuations. Our approach in these assets aims to take advantage of these situations and add another return component to the portfolio. This combination of strategies should be a good hedge against crisis situations and deliver attractive returns in the meantime.

Use of financing

The Funding is the Investment.

Opportunity for the investor

There are 3 ways for you to participate in our activities:
• Gold Bond: Capital Guaranteed
The Gold Bond participates with 20% of the notional in price movements of gold. The annual coupon of 6% will be converted in gold. Downside protection through capital guarantee and 3% annual minimum yield.
• Equity Participation: Preferred Dividend
The equity participation gives the opportunity to participate in the whole business activities of Gold Trust with a guaranteed interest of 0,143% plus in total 31% of the profits before the ordinary shareholders.
• Dividend Participation: Preferred Dividend
The dividend participation gives the opportunity to participate in the whole business activities of Gold trust with an interest of 6.67% plus in total 11.5% of the profits before the ordinary shareholders.

Please contact us on Merar to get detailed presentation of the investment opportunities.

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