New Pig Fattening Complex and Developing Pigstry in the Crimea Area

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Ukraine Ukraine
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Stage: Expansion/Growth
  • Investment size: $6,029,275 / min. $4,675,000

Investment Opportunity

"Krymagro-indigo", ltd. offers an interesting project for financing. We are interested in creating a new pig fattening complex and developing pigstry in the AR Crimea. The total cost of the project is $6,029,275. The funds, necessary to involve $4,675,000.


• Creation of a modern complex that deals with pigs fattening and profit gaining from pigstry development on the basis of an already existing pig farm;
• Introduction of the newest technologies that allows accelerating the process of obtaining of an end product in a pig-breeding complex and providing the pigstry profitability increase;
• Rational use of floor spaces;
• Winning of own niche in the pork production market in the АR Crimea;

As a result:

• The investor share will be 50 %;
• The financing period – 16 months;
• The project will reach the maximum production amount in 1 year from the moment of the financing start;
• Production volume will on the average amount 2 000 tons a year;
• The first year of the project realization will be unprofitable, which is caused by gradual escalating of the production volume and recurrence of the pork production. Starting from the 2013 the net profit will increase from 3 006 374$ (in 2013) to 4 889 500$ (in 2021). The total sum of the profit for10 years will make 36 133 625$. Average profitability will be133 %.
• The minimal amount of realization which will provide covering of all expenses makes 52 624$ a month, the actual amount of realization will make 527 749$ a month;
• The period of the project pay-back will be 3,6 years.

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