Assets Management Company in Ukraine Looking for Investment

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We have a brand new service in ours and other post-Soviet countries. We need funding to pay for registration and the arrangement of working places.

We are going to offer individuals and entities to invest and get a daily\weekly\monthly profit from the money they invest. The market of financial services is overloaded with banks that offer depository profits; however our company will be the very first in the sphere of investments and provide 4-5 times more profitable offers that are much less risky.

Our revenue generation model is unique and has no analogy. We have developed and tested it throughout three years and got a result of 150-250% of the company capital turnover within a year.
We expect to be the first company in this sphere and take under control its further expansion by selling of our own system as a franchise.

At the moment, our company is at the start up stage because of the lack of funds; however, we have everything arranged at the fundamental system element and it will be ready to provide profits within the first month we get invested and provide 10-20% ROI.

Project timeline is 3-4 months (because of the period needed for registration); however, all key milestones that should be done, will be done within the same period (arranging working places, engaging personnel into work, advertising). Furthermore, we have also developed a brand new type of advertising that requires a lot of expenses but it is twice as effective (we have already started advertising).

We need $300 000 funding to provide all payments for registration and arrangement of the working places. Moreover, some funds will be taken into our fundamental system element to provide ROI and further extension of the company.

We offer investor to have a joint venture; however we will gladly discuss any other type of investment.

Competitive Advantage

The company is a brand new product in the target countries. It provides 4-5 times more profitable investment offers than any other market player.

Use of financing

We need financing to pay for documentary, legal registration, arranging working places.

Opportunity for the investor

Investing in our project is profitable, safe and promising. For more detailed information feel free to contact me.
Cooperation conditions: 70 %/30 % (70 % yours) until we cover all money invested.
50%/50% after we cover all the money invested.
We are open to discus collaboration conditions.

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