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Investment Opportunity

• Hotel-entertainment center
• Glass Plant_Investment
• Textile Plant_Investment
• Biofuel production
• Aquapark
• Bank
• Milk plant
• Food plant
• Project of development of polymer recycling and production plant
• Insurance group
• Meat and meat food processing plant

∙ Hotel-entertainment center Slavutych XX (Project)
Cost of project – 1,1 m (Owner part - 100%)
∙ Peskovskiy Glass Plant (50%-100%)
∙ Texterno (textile plant 51%-100%)
∙ Biofuel production plant (Project)
Investment amount – EUR 3 000 000
∙ Polymer (project of development of polymer recycling and production plant) Investment amount – EUR 6,0 million
∙ Hotel-entertainment complex «Peterhof» (Project in Zaporozhye)
Investment amount – EUR 5 000 000
∙ Forsage (Project of expansion of car washing complexes in Kyiv)
Investment amount – USD 20 mln.
• Project of fund attraction PJSC “MOSTOBUD”
The Company is the largest enterprise in non-residential construction subsector in Ukraine. PJSC “Mostobud” is a leader in native bridge construction. Its activity is characterized by renovation and constant improvement of construction solutions using modern construction technologies. The total cost of construction work is UAH 11152.5 million. In order to complete Podol crossover bridge construction UAH 8952.3 million is required.

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