Expanding of Existing (Feed-in Tariff) PV Project in Ukraine

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We have a small PV project in operation. We also have the license, permits and land enough for expanding the project to15MW.

Ukrainian Feed-in Tariff for large scale ground-mounted PV installations is the highest in the world: 0,576EUR per kW*h (including VAT). Compare with 0,187EUR in Germany or 0.15USD in China.

The license and permits are valid until 01/01/2030.

The cashback period is about 5 years.

Investors can contact us for more details on Merar

Competitive Advantage

New energy Strategy for Ukraine until 2030, which was approved by Ukrainian Government in spring 2006, estimates that Ukraine will nearly quadruple its use of non-conventional energy sources, which under Ukrainian legislation include renewable and waste energy sources – from 10.9 Mtoe in 2005 up to 40.4 Mtoe (Million Tones of Oil Equivalent) in 2030. This initiative would require investing about 60.4 billion UAH (6 billion EUR) into the renewable energy market.

The highest growth is expected in the use of solar energy, wind farms and low-potential heat, although the growth will start from a very low base as currently the installed capacity (including small hydro power plants) is only 0.18 GW. Nevertheless, the total capacity of power plants generating electricity from alternative energy sources is supposed to grow up to 2.1 GW in 2030

The Strategy envisages the development of renewables in accordance with the fundamental principles of the “Green Book”: European Strategy for Secure, Competitive and Sustainable Energy”. The Energy Strategy set out a number of incentives to stimulate renewable energy production and use.

Rationale for the deal

Generators of electricity from solar energy can benefit from the highest green tariff indexes:
- 4.4 –for electric power facilities mounted (installed) on roofs of buildings, houses and structures, with their installed capacity under 100 kW, as well as for facilities integrated in buildings’ facades regardless of their capacity;
- 4.6 –for electric power facilities mounted (installed) on roofs of buildings, houses and structures, with their installed capacity being over 100 kW;
- 4.8 –for ground installations.

Tariff factor for peak hours is 1.8 as stipulated by National Energy Regulation Commission (Decree # 529 dated 19/07/2005).

However, the “green” tariff incentive is applied provided that:
Starting from January 1st 2012 the share of materials, components, works and services of the Ukrainian origin in the project for the construction of “green” power generating facility is not less than 30%, and starting from January 1st 2014 –not less than 50%.

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