Solar Power Farm a Power of 2000 kW Malyy Hodachkiv Ternopil region

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The solar power farm planned to be built in the city of Ternopil on the roof top of the production building.Creating a joint venture or collaboration.

Act to stimulate production — On Amending the Law of Ukraine “On Electric Power Industry”» (relating to promotion of electricity generation from alternative energy sources)» No 5485-VI dated 20 November 2012

The main two instruments to stimulate growth and attract investment in renewable energy in Ukraine are:
(1) Establishment of "green" tariff for electricity generated from alternative sources
On April 1, 2009 "green" tariffs and their values for electricity produced from renewable energy sources were established in the Law of Ukraine "On Amending the Law of Ukraine" On Electricity "to stimulate the use of alternative energy sources“. "Green" tariff approved by the National Electricity Regulatory Commission of Ukraine (NERC) for each entity that produces electricity using alternative energy sources for each type of alternative energy and power for each object.
(2) Provision of customs and tax exemptions
The features of the Tax Code of Corporate Income Tax received in relation to the conduct of economic activity in the field of renewable energy, namely:
1. In accordance with § 197.16 of Article 197 of the Tax Code of Ukraine and Article 19 of the Law of Ukraine "On Unified Customs Tariff" established customs and tax preferences for import into the customs territory of Ukraine of energy saving equipment, equipment and materials, including:
• equipment that runs on renewable energy sources, energy-efficient equipment and materials, methods of measurement, control and management of energy resources, equipment and materials for the production of alternative fuels or to produce energy from renewable energy sources;
• materials, equipment, components used to manufacture equipment that runs on renewable energy.

The cost of construction "turnkey" - 1 376 967 Euro (VAT included)
The avarage proceeds from the sale of the produced electricity - 412 200 euros (with VAT)
Complete transformer substation - 124 988 Euro
Guard system, fencing, lighting, video surveillance, travel routes, buildings for protection - 50 671 Euro

The payback period of the project is 3.34 years.

Open to discuss any suggestions

Competitive Advantage

The size of green tariffs for commercial objects commissioned from 2017 to 31.12.2019 year:
1. Ground solar power plants - 0,15 € / kW
2. Roof solar power plants - 0,16 € / kW

• Guaranteed by the state to January 1, 2030, subject to commissioning from 2017 to 31.12.2019
• Step-by-step capacity building
• On Grid - network station

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