Horse Farm Expansion into Full Service Equestrian Centre in Ukraine

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The Farm has ambitious strategy to become a full service equestrian facility with an emphasis in sport training, dressage and boarding stables with sales for customers.

Ulyanov Farm is well known Crimean horse breeding and training facility operated in scenic highland location, ideally suited for healthy horse living and training and can be compared with recreational farms at the Atlantic coast of France. The Farm encompasses 15 ha. Nowadays the farm hosts a variety of equestrian activities on a fee basis and sells horses. It was founded in 1991 and managed by talented horse-breeder Il’ya Ulyanov, the Chairman of the Sevastopol branch of the National Federation of Ukrainian Equestrian Sport.

Target customers are horse owners, athletes and tourists from CIS countries, Western Europe and Middle East. “Ulyanov Farms” has established relationships with customers from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, preliminary negotiation with potential clients from Switzerland, Syria and UAE was held.

There are some more local horse clubs in Crimea, among them Alliur near Alushta, Agromak in Feodosia, Kar’er in Yalta. Most of them specialize on touristic rent services, also clubs provide riding lessons, and many of them work with children. In Ukraine the closest Peer is Zashkov stud farm. It has worse location and narrow specialization.

Existing facilities and location:
The majority of the site that is designated for the Equestrian Center is undeveloped land and includes
- Current Ulyanov Farm facilities with permanent stables for 120 horse-boxes (12 m2) and
- A cross-country course and natural-surface trails in the Baydar valley.
Farm land in ownership is 15 ha, park land in long-term rent is supposed to be 80 ha.

The Baydar valley sprawls for 16 km north-east in the Balaklava District of Sevastopol, Crimea. It is the source of the Chernaya River and the location of the Chernaya River Reservoir, Sevastopol's largest body of fresh water. Most of the valley is protected as a national zakaznik (park). The territory has a rich historical heritage dating back to the X c. BC. People settled here were the Karaites and the Scythians, the Romans and the Goths, the Taurus and the Greeks. There are plenty of remains of ancient settlements, burial grounds, monuments, cave dwellings in the park. The park is currently used by equestrians for trail and general riding.

Stewardship and environmental considerations for this site are strong as bod-ies of water within the park drain into the Chernaya River Reservoir, a primary source of drinking water for Sevastopol. The main purpose of the park is preserving and protecting cultural and natural resources by providing a variety of recreational activities. Among the suggested recreational uses are equestrian and community park features and events.

The Farm conceptual development plan calls for equestrian recreational features to be developed in the park and for facilities to provide horse training and schooling, as well as bridle trails.

Competitive Advantage

The key success factors of the project are following.
- Unique location with soft climate allowing full year season for sport com-petitions
- Loyal clients and established relationships with international customers
- Possibility to operate under long-term contract with clients
- Competitive prices for international clients
- Great founder experience and track records
Feasibility of company’s development plans was proved (certified) by a British expert Mr Walter Leu.

Use of financing

The Farm has ambitious strategy to become a full service equestrian facility with an emphasis in sport training, dressage and boarding stables with sales for local and international customers. This growth strategy requires equity financing in amount of US $20 – 25 mln. Investment project can be implemented by stages. The company is seeking sophisticated investor or business partner with broad sector experience and desire to be involved in business project development. The joint venture can be established.

The most of capital will be spent on the construction of comprehensive infra-structure including guest hotel, stabling, riding rings, riding hall for competitions and show programs.
Services planned:
- Training and dressage for sport horse and rider up to Olympic level
- Riding lessons, training and boarding for all ages
- Full year boarding stables
- Sport competitions and shows
- Horses for sale
- Veterinary and SPA-services for horses
- Guest hotel and restaurant services etc.

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