Looking for Partner-Investor for Expansion of Producing "Live" Beer

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Investors are invited to participate in the expansion of an existing BREWERY with “live” beer as its main product. The plant has a 466-year history.

The total area of the industrial facilities and the warehouse is 15,000 m2.
Plot area: 3.5 hectares.
Production capacity of the plant: 1,000,000 litres per year.
Malt production is in operation.
The value of the required investment is 5.1 million euro.
website: http://brovarnij.shtuk.com

Interested investors can contact us on Merar.

Use of financing

I would like to warn You in advance that we do not speak English and we command/use the services of the translator.
Therefore we prefer to communicate with the Investor personally (an authorized person, a partner) via Skype video-chat, after agreeing the day and time of call.

Currently, to operate at full production capacity and, therefore, to increase the sales of products of “Living Beer”, “Karpaty Plus 2004” need investment of at least 1m €, that accounts for 20% of our plant’s shares.
On the territory of the plant there are new industrial premises for expanding and modernization of the modern beer production. For this purpose we need additional Investor’s funds.
Nowadays, there is a wide choice of equipment for the production of beer from producers (Czech Republic, Germany, and China).
Therefore, the investment of more than 20% of the plant’s shares must be a subject of personal discussion with the Investor, since, the equipment selection and its price will determine the Investor’s share in the business.
We can agree on the interest rate on the investment amount.

To this letter we attach the document (business project) to the amount of 20% of the plant’s shares.

Would You be so kind to send us a detailed description of the conducting of the executing the transaction with the Investor (point by point – phased actions for our part, point by point –phased actions for Your part) and also the required package of documents for the executing the transaction.

We are holding the terms, listed below, due to the frequent proposals from the swindlers (dishonest people that offer dubious deals).
Of course, it has nothing to do with You, but still we feel the need to notify you about it!

If Your proposal presupposes (the action for our part ) any financial charges (partial funds depositing, relating to Your investment amount, on the escrow bank accounts/third-person bank accounts, reward for intermediary services in finding an investor, the cost of processing the tranche – money transfer, etc) - before or during signing the relevant documents of “investment agreement”, we do not make such payments.
The expenditure of a Partner or an Investor (regarding tentative agreement) are to be inserted into the supplementary treaty and to be formalized during the Main Investment Transaction.

Our position is that we will not withdraw “certain amounts of money” from our company trading capital during the season of our product consumption.
P.S. We are looking for investments to expand the company, but not where to invest financial assets (up to 100% certainty of success of the transaction).

Each Investor (Investor Trustee/Authorized Person) or a Partner must ensure the security of their investments. For our part, we guarantee Investor on arrival in Ukraine to meet Him/Her, to provide with the means of transportation, accommodation and food for the time of enterprise analysis and the preparation of the legal documents.
For Your part, we expect the proper attitude to our Representative ( Company Owner or his authorized person) during His/Her stay in Your country for conducting the transaction. (If such business travel is stipulated by your conditions).

Looking forward to your reply, clarifying your terms of cooperation and investment in our company.

My Skype-name is " goldbonus1 "
I am sorry, I do not speak English. Would You be so kind to contact our translator to arrange a video-meeting via Skype.
Her number is +3 8 063 0315157

Thank You for understanding.

Warm regards,
Ruslan Tereshko.

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