Organic Aquaculture Marine Farm in Ukraine

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The farm plans to specialize on commercial breeding of such aquatic organisms
as fish and mollusks.

“Ukraine mollusc-service” is an aquaculture company that was founded by
highly professional and talented team in 2010 to develop multicultural marine
farming business in Ukraine. The team leader has more, then 10 years of
practical experience in the Black Sea aquaculture and sales of the seafood
in Ukraine. She has a great understanding of requirements such as the biology
of fish and molluscs and knowledge of the medium in which they are

The farm plans to specialize on commercial breeding of such aquatic organisms
as fish and mollusks. The product will be sold in Ukrainian, CIS and
European markets. First stage of the project involves the joint breeding of
rainbow trout and two species of mollusks, Black Sea mussel and Pacific
oyster. The technology of fish growing provided by the project is currently the
most progressive and innovative one in the world and still has no analogues
in Ukraine. Only organic feed and ingredients will be used for fish feeding.

The project is planned to be implemented in the area of Laspi Bay, which
meets all requirements for the aquaculture cultivation such as hydrological
and hydro chemical conditions, seasonal temperature fluctuations, bottom
flows, depths and bottom topography and allows installing storm resistant
hydraulic constructions to place the marine farm.

Scientific and technological support of the project are carried out by experts
from two leading Ukrainian scientific and research institutes, Institute of
Biology of Southern Seas, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the
Southern Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography.

Competitive Advantage

Key advantages in the Ukrainian market. Ukraine has an undeveloped
fresh seafood market with little competition. The market is represented
mainly by imported seafood products. Imported seafood is not price competitive
because of airfreight costs and time for transportation.

Such conditions
reveal the potential for creation strong local producer and an excellent business

The company will have competitive advantage in the market due to regular supply, proximity to the customers, good quality and lower prices.
Key customers will be the major fresh seafood traders, seafood stores, supermarkets, elite restaurants and processing companies.

Rationale for the deal

The proposed technology will provide the first harvest of fresh fish and
start of sales in 9 months from the beginning of the project, as well as a
good ecological impact in the region.

This method is also a very economic form of fish production. The part of the production of the marine farm will be used as raw material for further deep processing and manufacture of the calcium and mineral food supplements, medical products, cosmetics, etc.

The technology is now well established/tested and used in such countries as
Turkey and Norway.

Use of financing

The project is planned to be implemented in the area of Laspi Bay and envisages
creation of a unified production facility for the aquaculture including

- 30,000 m3 of cages for rainbow trout cultivation on the area of 2 ha
- Submerged mussel-oyster carriers on 20 ha territory

In the future the Company also plans to build a fish processing plant.

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