International Agency for Assistance in Financial Development

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our organization will provide assistance in financial development and trade across the world. The project can function as an independent business platform.

We are setting up an international agency to provide assistance in international trade (exports and imports) in all regions of the world, company development, market entry and penetration, financing and investments.

The project involves promotion of services in advocacy and strategic consulting, project financing, loan insurance, lending, economic stability and personal security, negotiating with partners in different countries, and guaranteed representation of companies in all regions of the world.

The project envisages selection and representation of partners, investors (loans, financing), development (search for suppliers and customers), company background checks and comprehensive reports, the organization and development of production, organization of optimal and reliable logistics.

Our organization helps in preparation and adaptation of procedures for the successful implementation of projects. We are at an initial stage and our team is being set up at the moment. The structure of the project includes collaboration with various companies and individuals in various forms, including using outsourcing.

We plan to set up professional departments in all regions of the world in order to meet the objectives and priorities of interested parties. This is confirmed by various studies, including the specialized agencies of the United Nations.

The prospects of the project are extremely positive and are a good investment opportunity. Because the world is constantly evolving, emerging and developed markets need increasingly close cooperation. Our project will provide information, communication, legal assistance and the necessary logistics in various form to achieve these objectives. The amount of funding sought is under discussion. The payback of the investment in our project is guaranteed by the strong demand for our serveces in all regions of the world.

Interested investors can contact us on Merar.

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