Investment Project for Business Network Hosting Online Stores

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Ukraine Ukraine
  • Industry: Internet, eBusiness
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Investment size: $500,000 / min. $50,000
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

Our main goal is to provide this information to the user. The optimal places are companies with a good quality product, reasonable prices and a normal level of service.

Results so far:
1. A web-site has been registered
2. Customers are paying for services
3. Entrepreneurs use the site to publish information
4. The e-stores of our clients are already generating sales
5. LLC company and TM have been registered

About the project: Given the large number of companies competing with each other, the average customer starts asking: "Where can I buy or receive a service and not be deceived, where will I not have to overpay for goods, where I will be served well?"

We conducted surveys from which it became clear that people do not trust advertising and are not looking for the answer in advertising "where is it better to buy?”. They are looking for answers in forums, among their friends, doing research among themselves. Still, as a result of the survey, we learned that people would love to use a website where they could receive advice from experts on "where it is better to buy."

Our main goal is to provide this information to the user. The optimal places are “optimal” companies with a good quality product, reasonable prices and a normal level of service.

1.Creation of the website (Portal)
2. Creation of a database of companies
3. Choosing between the best companies
4.Turnig the site into one of the TOP websites via search engine optimization (SOE)
5.Monetarization of the project

1. The first task is being performed by a web-design studio. The work on the site is in progress and 80-90% is already completed. Now the site is undergoing testing, optimization and adding of services.

2. Solution: each visitor can create their own website (of the type of a virtual business card and an online store), allowing the company base to grow by itself. Site users can make purchases of goods and services in these online stores.

3. The solution comes in two ways
a) Users can vote by raising or lowering their rating of each company. Voting takes place on three criteria (price, quality, service), on the web page of the company. Users can also leave comments and reviews.
b) Our employees themselves select the "best companies”, according to polls of people, professionals, business owners and through personal research of candidates.

4. We use various ways to promote cost-effectively.
a) Advertising in social networks and bulletin boards
b) placing unique text in the portal
c) registering the portal in catalogs, etc.

5. The main revenue from the project will be generated by the "optimal" companies. Surveys among the managers of the "optimal" companies showed that they will gladly pay for the services offered under the project.

The approximate estimate is $50 per month for each company. We aim to attract the top 5 companies in each of the 206 categories. We plan to cover at least 5 cities in Ukraine and 10 in Russia.

So far the company has achieved the following results:
1. The Internet portal ( has been created with an investment in the development of more than $15,000.
2. We have proved the urgency and need for this resource
a) The product has paid off even before its launch. Over 50 contracts for $50 have been signed and paid;
b) Customers are using the resource and are filling in information about the company and their goods
c) Surveys on social networks have shown that the site is liked and understandable to the users.
3. The basic site has been created with more than 700 companies

Interested investors can contact us on Merar.

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