Heating and energy systems using solid and liquid household waste

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Ukraine Ukraine
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Years in operations: 5, Employees: 10
  • Investment size: $649,999 / min. $49,999
  • ROI: 1914% in 5 years
  • Type of investment: Equity

Investment Opportunity

In Ukraine and the European Union, the use of alternative fuel is actual, for heating and obtaining alternative energy sources.

In Ukraine and the European Union, the use of alternative fuel is actual, for heating and obtaining alternative energy sources. Using our proven models, we can start high-profit sales of complexes for the growing, retail consumer market.
The experimental setup confirmed the possibility of burning of domestic wastes and liquid household waste, i.e. Practically any kind of fuel.
At the same time, the correct design allows the following combustion process, for example liquid waste, when the nominal heating of the plant is reached, in parallel processes:
- conversion of the liquid contained in the fuel into the hydrogen and oxygen components. Moreover, the higher the humidity of the fuel, the longer the combustion process and the higher the efficiency;
- further, there is a combustion of the rest of the fuel, which is converted into carbonic coal. Combustion occurs by 99%, since the fuel burns with the assistance of vortex flows;
- due to thermodynamic reactions and the temperatures created during combustion, triple after-burning of gases released into the atmosphere, the installation minimizes the release to the atmosphere, including minimizing the release of carbon dioxide.
The technological solution of the movement of gases and air allowed:
- reduce the cost of installation;
- make the installation completely safe;
- make an installation consisting of typing sections, i.e. To increase power without buying a new installation, and buying an additional section;
- use separate loading;
- use smoke as a fuel, at the same time as utilization, which makes it possible to efficiently dispose of municipal solid waste collection sites;
- use humid atmospheric air as a fuel;
- use the unit for various requirements from heating the house and getting electricity to dry air for medical purposes and for disposing of solid waste collection sites for environmental purposes.
Video presentation: upon request

Competitive Advantage

- high humidity of fuel;
- minimum emissions into the atmosphere;
- burning of non-sorted waste;
- separate fuel loading;
- Minimal waste residue after combustion;
- maintenance without stopping the operation of the equipment;
- modular power capacity.

Rationale for the deal

Purpose—creation, marketing promotion and support of the brand, and the interaction with the customer, the distribution network of advertising agencies, participation in trade shows, market analysis of sales, marketing research.
State of demand: developing marketing, sinhromarketing, demarcating.
Market reach: target marketing, differentiated marketing.
Management concept: perfection of manufacture, product improvement, intensification of commercial efforts, the concept of marketing, social and ethnic marketing.

Use of financing

Distribution of investments: 70% - fixed assets, 30% - current assets and starting salary.

Opportunity for the investor

Output circuit investor: 60% of net profit before investment return double. 50% of net profit for 5 years.

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