Investment Needed for Wine Barrels Production in Ukraine

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Ukraine Ukraine
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $615,000 / min. $455,000
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

Attracting of investments for production of cooperage products and industrial wine barrels. Amount of investments - 615 000 USD (minimum - 455 000 USD)

Main products - industrial wine and brandy barrels (225 liters) - sold for export and partly for domestic consumers.

Cooper products:
1. Wine barrels (small size - up to 80 yrs.)
2. Amenities (rings, tubs, etc.)
3. Souvenirs (cups, decorative barrels, etc.)
4. Barrels for pickles, honey, etc.
5. "Dummy" (HoReCa equipment - for beer, wine, etc.)

The unique production technology that has no analogues, allows to produce more barrels of high quality. At the same time this fully automatized production is less costly than the classical technique (used in the whole world).

Our main advantages:
1. Full production cycle without waste production (wine barrels, from the waste - bath accessories, barrels for pickles, honey, from the waste - souvenirs, "dummy" , and from the waste - for the entire heating of production areas).
2. Hi-tech manufacturing (patented manufacturing technology - 4 patents of the production).
3. Low cost of produced goods.
4. Documented agreements with dealers (wholesalers) in Russia and Ukraine for the purchase of all the planned monthly production volume by calculated prices for the upcoming production year.
5. A strategic marketing strategy, which allows to rearange eficiently the sale of products.
6. A team of professionals with experience in successful launch of a similar business was formed.
Developed a detailed business plan and financial business model (in Russian, English and Spanish language).

Key Financial Indicators of business for 5 years, USD:
Expenditures 11955758
Revenues 15,172,499
Profit 3,216,741
The volume of investments 615 852
Break-even point 6 months.
Payback period of 29 months.
Monthly Profitability level 49%
Monthly Income 120 025
NPV (at 25% of capital cost per year) 1,044,456
IRR (Internal Rate of Return) 58%

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