Production of Convection Steel Heaters on the Territory of Ukraine

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Ukraine Ukraine
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $16,000,000 / min. $16,000,000
  • ROI: 50% in 7 years
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

We are looking for an investor to help us undertake the construction of steel panel radiators convection type. The required volume of the loan is EUR 16M.

The aim of this project is starting production of convection steel heaters in the territory of Ukraine. Currently no such a type of production exists in the whole area of countries of the former USSR. In major part cast iron heaters are manufactured there and manufacturers of aluminium heaters have also appeared. However total sales of goods comes from the import, in the first place from Czech Republic (the Korado company) and from Turkey.

Polish as well as other manufacturers are poorly visible in these markets. It should be remembered that in spite of the fact, that their own production of such type of goods, majority of the material (cold-rolled sheet) used for production of heaters is imported from Ukraine.

In the light of a favourable climate in 2012, appropriate decrees concerning the building industry issued by the government and president – support and development of local production of materials, which are used in building industry in order to replace the imported materials, additional bonuses in the form of exempts from some taxes may be expected.

The planned production covers steel plate heaters with natural airflow around the transitional area. Production in single, double and triple plate option is planned. (Types: 11, 22, and 33). Basic transitional area will be a shaped plate with horizontally and vertically spanned channels. In order to increase the thermal power in some types of heaters, a transition area will be welded to the internal plate of the heater.

The plate will be made of two mouldings from cold-rolled steel sheet type FeP01 according to the EN 10130 and EN 10131 standards, connected in vertical channels with point welds, and in the circumference with line welds.

Planned application of a technology will guarantee that the basic goal will be reached:
• Ensuring long-term corrosion resistance through a nano-ceramic technology (Bonderite NT-1 - brand of Henkel Technologies) and resistance to mechanical damage
• Each element of the heater crosses the anti-corrosive surface preparatory line, based on this technology. This technology substitutes with a success the iron phosphoration with passivation, doubling its quality and additionally protecting the environment. It guarantees appropriate adhesion of paint and makes an additional protecting cover in order to increase the anti-corrosion resistance as well as the adhesion of lubricant molecules when painting.

Nanotechnology makes use of small molecules of zircon dioxide (nano-ceramic ZR) to create huge effects. Bonderite NT is a nanotechnology, which is used in applications of industral surface processing. it is a novel process of coating the raw steel structure for initial metal processing before painting. It brings significantly better results with lower cost than in case of conventional iron or steel phosphoration as well as it is much more environmentally friendly.

The coat in Bonderite NT technology increases the area of metal, increasing the paint adhesion area:
• Final area of appropriate quality
• Sanitary harmlessness of heater surface

Exteriorexecution of the panel heaters will be made in the following stages:
• Degreasing
• Rinsing
• Rinsing with demineralised water
• Bonderite NT-1
• Rinsing with demineralised water

After the nano-ceramic layer (coat) is applied, the powder paints will be used.

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