Investment Project for Private International Hub Airport

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL HUB Airport is considered a unique project in Ukraine. HUB Airport will be located on a detached, free area with possibility of further development.

We are inviting to invest and own new PRIVATE BUSINESSES in Odessa region.

We offer a unique investment opportunity of owning new PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL HUB AIRPORT within international investment project AIRPORT CITY «OVIDIY CITY»

The FIRST & ONLY in Ukraine PRIVATE MULTIFUNCTIONAL TRANSPORT COMPLEX with modern transportation infrastructure for handling all types of cargo by AIR, SEA, RIVER, RAIL, ROAD and PIPELINE connecting Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.
Location: Odessa Region (Europe, Ukraine) within 50 km from the city Odessa.

- Passenger terminals
- Cargo terminals


1. There are no HUB Airports in Ukraine.
2. The Istanbul HUB airport is significantly overloaded and is located quite far from transport networks of the Eastern Europe.
3. "Borispol" (Ukraine main airport), cannot be modernized as a HUB due to incorrect planning, the terminals are scattered far from each other.
4. Existing Odessa Airport is located within the city in 7.5 km from the center. Its development is impossible due to territory limits.
5. The passengers could make deals obtaining visa free regime at AIRPORT CITY«OVIDIY CITY».
6. The INTERNATIONAL HUB AIRPORT with cargo terminals will be able to deliver perishable and urgent cargo not only to European capitals but also to remote, hard-to-reach regions of the northern Russia and Siberia, as well as to the countries of South-East Asia, Africa and Australia.

The amount of investment may be provided upon request.

(This investment project was reviewed by Merar admins. The required and minimum investment figures appear not to be realistic)

Investors can contact us on Merar.

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