Investment Project for Building Hotel-Recreational Complex near Yalta

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Ukraine Ukraine
  • Industry: Tourism, Recreation
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment size: $15,000,000 / min. $15,000,000
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

The hotel «Ai-Petrinskaya Yayla» thanks to a favourable location and the presence of a business section and Balneum center is suitable for tourism all year round.

Location: 200 m from well facilitated beaches and 30 m from mountain lift station at Ai-petri - mountain-skiing lines

Market opportunities:

The lack of hotels at Crimea keeps tariffs for staying high and allows for a continuous increase of income even in conditions of crisis.

The forecasts shows five times growth in the number of people on a vacation in Yalta - up to 3,1 million people a year by 2025.

The hotel «Ai-Petrinskaya Yayla » in the summer and in the winter period is focused on tourists who prefer beach and or active winter rest, and in inter-season period - is focused on business tourists, patients of the Balneum recreational center, and also the excursion groups making trips in southern coast of Crimea.

The present crisis has lowered prices for building services and materials.
Project implementation will involves the development of a mountain-skiing complex on the Ai-Petrinsky plateau, and also will give «the second breath» to the lifts construction on the mountain Ai-petri.

Business model:

The building of a hotel, for example, with nine tens double standard rooms, restaurant, bars, a business section, a gym, covered pool with a Balneum recreational center and an underground parking demands $12 275 000,00 (at the cost value of 1 sq. m at $1 000,00). At 50 percent loading and cost of stay in room at $60,00 a day the annual income will be $1 970 000,00. The period of payback is 6 years.

Organized and individual clients - will come through tour operators and travel agents (exhibitions, auctions, etc.), and also - through our marketing and sales department, and our Hotel- Internet representation.

Schedule and budget:

At the investment stage of project implementation:

 To change the present plot area designation and to obtain the permits for design and survey works (PIR); 3 months, $10 000,00

 To execute a PIR and to obtain the permit to start construction work; 9 months, $1 350 000,00

 To execute construction work, and at its closing stage to begin an advertising campaign of the hotel, its features and services, and also the selection and preparation of the personnel. To equip premises and adjoining territories 2 years, $10 750 000,00.

Post investment stage:

 Period of investments return - 6 years

 Further - hotel operation.

Employment structure:

At the project implementation initial stage the following personnel are necessary:
- A project manager (director) — operational management;
- Accounts department (a general accountant - which will be appointed by the investor, an assistant to the general accountant — operative activity);
- A lawyer.

For the PIR stage:
- Security service — security, information protection (personnel recruitment, design stages, buildings, operation);
- Division of Capital Construction (customer service);
- Hoteliere (manages the beach facilities / the mountain skiing resort) / Restaurateur – expert support in technical conditions (TU) for hotel designing / restaurant and bars taking into account modern technologies and tendencies, and also design support, an expert evaluation of the ready project – is the contract.

At the closing stage of construction work:
- HR department;
- Marketing department – promotion of the new brand, marketing sales promo

Investors can contact us on Merar.

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