Highland Recreational Geocomplex in Ukraine

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Recreational complex project “Geocomplex”, which aims to promote healthy pastime in pure natural regions of Crimea, Ukraine

Unique Sevastopol project is a recreational hotel located in Crimean mountains in the scenic place on 600 meters above the sea. The place is very quiet and clean, with rich nature and own water sources. The building will have a unique form that looks like cathedral white domes. Founders believe that such form concentrates positive energy and will help guests to feel a harmony.

The company “Zolotoy Fazan” intends to realize their recreational and entertainment complex project called “Geocomplex”, which aims to promote healthy pastime in pure natural regions of Crimea. The specificity of recreation complex is in its location, “Geocomplex” is situated in a clean, quiet and safety mountain area in the village of Vysokoe (not far from Sevastopol).

For a comfortable stay of its visitors, “Geocomplex” will contain living houses, restaurant, sauna, two recreation and geohealth areas, and a pool formed from natural water sources. In addition there will be available various excursions on off-road vehicles to historical and other spectacular landscapes of that Crimean region.

Investors can contact us on Merar to get more information. Investment project information is available for download.

Rationale for the deal

The company’s main goal is franchising. The long-term sustainable profit and high demand for its services “Zolotoy Fazan” plans to achieve through uniqueness of the project, hi-quality service, an attractive and extraordinary design and intense marketing promotion.

“Geocomplex” has no full analogues and competitors in Crimea region. Leading by highly experienced management team “Geocomplex” project expects high growth prospects and great interest by Ukrainian and foreign visitors. Management team includes qualified project manager, HR manager, marketing manager, finance director, administrator and experienced in project development additional staff members.

Target customers of recreational complex “Geocomplex” are people who prefer unique wellness vacations, appreciating the peace and harmony of nature, citizens of Ukraine and customers from abroad. The project of this kind will attract both local residents and wealthy foreigners who wish to spend a weekend in a clean and pleasant natural area, away from the hustle and bustle.

Use of financing

“Zolotoy Fazan” considers investor’s share in capital and requires financing in amount of US $700 000 for construction works and preparation the land area for visitors stay.

Currently “Zolotoy Fazan” owns a land area of 0,6 ha (prepared for construction), two off-road vehicles, and complete set of documents of legal support.

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