Complex Processing of Municipal Solid Waste

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Contemporary Ecological Technologies - the department of "Lennox" company - has a unique environmentally friendly technology for complex processing of municipal solid waste.

The processing results in the production of the following products: gasoline, diesel fuel, methane, organic waste, construction materials, and fuel briquettes. These low-cost products lead to high economic efficiency and improved sustainability.

Due to the processing, there is no burning and absent dump.

Compared with other technologies that produce heat and electricity and need to be used immediately, our technology allows storing the end-products of recycling.

Our team has successful experience in implementing similar environmental projects, namely the construction of a bioethanol plant and a plant for the production of biogas, as well as the introduction of an industrial heat pump.

The complex processing of solid waste requires unique know-how which our team has developed for 15 years of experience. The patent for this technology belongs to our company.

Please, watch film about our technology:

Project presentation, summary and offers are to be found in the attachment.

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