Consultancy And Investment Services for a Wide Range Business Issues

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Investment Opportunity

High-end boutique business consultancy and a boutique investment house based in UK offer creative financial solutions for businesses.

Creative financial solutions for businesses. All sorts of situations regarding FUNDING of your projects, leasing or putting financial instruments into trade (LTNs, MTNs, BGs, exotic financial products), finding loans and collaterals, JVs and more. Click on the section "Alternative funding". Funding of projects (up to 100 per cent) and prefunded elaboration of strong business cases and models available. We will expose your projects in front of over 60 investment sources worldwide, including Wall Street (Personalized service.)
SPECIAL NEW SERVICE: effectuate a physical Due Diligence on a company located abroad with which you want to interact. Our agents will visit their office and meet with them to confirm their physical presence and credibility. Further and special investigations are possible upon individual request.
We can offer you such an option as taking your money under management in cooperation with Swiss bank. Our strength lies in allocating your money in classical conservative options combined with alternative investments for better and more interesting performance. It will be a one-stop solution to save you time and money as our management fees are competitive than those on the market. You will be offered to open account in Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Bahamas,UK or Switzerland.
NEW MEDIA SERVICE!Creation of the introductory videos for your website: explain the services of your company by using a narrative style when an attractive girl will explain what your company is doing in a form of colorful introductory video that your customers will love!This exclusive service is available with the participation of leading Elite model management models upon your request or DR. de Martigny herself.
NEW SERVICE! Business modelling: engage a business model intelligent girl to reflect your company strategy, policy, products and goals in press conferences, special events, exhibitions, high-end and journalist meetings just exactly like fashion companies do with fashion models. A business model will give speech, answers journalist questions, present your business in a clever way, having the skills to be physically attractive and mentally clever.
Second citizenships and passports via investments (Austria ,Belgium, Saint Kitts and Nevis,Hungary ,Canada,Portugal,USA,etc.).
Offshore banking and tax mitigation. Bank openings and private fund openings. Have your own bank from only 450.000 pounds. Fund opening from only 30,000 pounds.
Cross industries Investments worldwide at a personalized choice for investors-we will preselect for you desired project in any sector of economy and in any geographical area.
Advisory, mentoring and speeches on business style, lifestyle and marketing advise in different countries (Spain, Italy, France, USA, Russia, Switzerland, Monaco). Political advisory and economic research.
Full solution providing for any problems businesses might have (full business consulting in financial engineering, marketing, production advise, technology applications, distribution, IT change,supply chain, etc.)
Acquisitions and buy-outs (sporadic and individual upon request).
Alternative investments (diamonds, gold and exclusive innovative projects)
Business optimization for retail and rental industries to boost their profits in a shortest period of time-special programs.
Full corporate services: partnership search
Communication: publicity ideas for you plus realization of those ideas. High end only. Creative advisory on website elaboration.

Competitive Advantage

Our company effectuates advisory services on a broad range of business issues for companies being a one stop solution for any problems businesses might have (tax mitigation, suppliers search, IT implementations, funding, business optimization, etc.)

Opportunity for the investor

High yield investment programmes and capital raising. We offer from 25 up to 100 per cent return on investment per year using special situations investment funds (investing in businesses in emerging markets or in highly profitable projects) and new on the market sophisticated financial programs with very high return per year (strictly by invitation upon eligibility by a trader). A majority of people do not simply know about those programmes!Your money do not move from your account!

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