Investment Project for Purchase of Top Rated Bank Guarantee (BG)

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Total Investment is 65B USD for the Purchase of bank guarantee (BG) from TOP rated bank. Deferred payment by bank to bank arrangement. Pre disclosed terms and conditions. Clear and clean transaction.

I have an exciting offer to buy bank guarantee through you, if you have seller.

Followings are the terms:

- Bank guarantee must be with top 25 banks, preferable HSBC.
- Must be valid for atleast 1 Year.
- Depending on the BG's specification the purchase value will differ.
- Inter bank arrangement will be done and payment will be 50% of the agreed value in the first 2/3 weeks.
- Remaining 50% of the agreed value will be paid in 2 equal trenches in coming 2 weeks.
- All banking arrangement will be given in advance -deferred payment will not impact the financial interest of the seller.
- Buyer wants to go up to (max) 500M USD as the BG's face value.
- Total credit line for the buyer is 50B USD.

Interested investors, feel free to contact us on Merar for more info.

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