Live Forex Trading Room for Retail Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The Trader Management Company enables clients to follow the trading strategies of experienced Forex traders in real-time. Our bespoke Live Trading Room platform delivers realtime trade education and market insights. Further funding is required for IT development and marketing. We launched in July 2011 and are FSA regulated.

The Trader Management Company enables clients to follow the trading strategies and decisions of experienced Forex traders in realtime through a purpose built Live Trading Room platform.

Developed with accessibility and ease of use in mind, our bespoke Live Trading Room platform delivers real-time trade education and market insights both visually, through a stream of written information, and audibly, through verbal broadcasts.

TMC’s goal is to encourage trading confidence whilst at the same time enabling clients to place more informed trades.

TMC’s exclusive Live Trading Room Platform combines innovation with ease of use, enabling clients to enhance and extend their understanding of professional trade strategies and decisions. Delivering comprehensive yet accessible trade education through visual and audible channels, TMC’s Live Trading Room service ensures that trading ideas can easily and effectively be deployed within the client’s own trading account.

Live Trade Feeds display our Trader´s latest trades and insights; Trading Chart Analyses display up-to-the-minute Trading Charts; and our Live Question and Answer Feature allows clients to ask our team relevant questions that arise during the day´s trades. One-to-one interaction ensures that users understand the information conveyed fully, whilst enabling them to address any queries or questions concerning market movements.

Further, the platform’s integration of audio announcements, popup trade alerts and new message notifications ensures that clients benefit from a trading resource which is both unobtrusive and complementary.

TMC’s Live Trading Room is the ideal solution for educating users throughout the trading day without impeding their ability to conduct trades.

Projected ROI is 20% in year 1, and investment could be repaid by the end of year 2

The reason we have launched this is beacuse retail FX has recently seen huge growth and the retail client want to follow the professionals.

We are the only FSA regulated live trading room in the UK.

Further funding is required for IT development and marketing. Interested investors will be given additional information.

Competitive Advantage

USPs over our competitors:

FSA regulated - The process of becoming regulated is a lengthy one; taking TMC 12 months in total. As such, TMC’s regulatory status represents a considerable barrier to entry for anyone contemplating entering the market.

Bespoke platform with intergrated CRM

Have a team of traders not just one like our competitors

Focus on customer service unlike our competitors

London newspaper has equity stake for advertising

Rationale for the deal

Revenue Creation - Subscriptions:

Available for periods of 1 month; £150; 3 months; £400; 6 months; £750; or 12 months; £1,350; a subscription to the Trader Management Company’s Live Trading Room empowers traders to carry out informed trades of their own month on month. Each subscriptions offers users the opportunity to follow the day-to-day trading activities and decisions of each of TMC’s professional traders, enabling them to choose the trader whose style most closely resembles that which they wish to emulate.

Revenue Creation - Broker Access:

In addition to TMC’s subscription based revenue model, TMC has also built relationships with several major brokers, who will each be offering TMC’s service to their dormant client bases free of charge. In return, TMC will become the IB for all accounts that take up the free service access model. The agreements that TMC currently has in place see TMC receive a rebate of between 25% and 40% for all trades subsequently placed within these accounts. Using average trade sizes and anticipated rebates, we have calculated that monthly returns per client under this model should equate to around £125 per month.

Use of financing

The financing will be used for further IT development and marketing. Our competitors do not market their services, and we see this as a huge mistake.

To grow the company the investment is needed and because of this we are happy to sell some equity.

The investment would be required in 2 installments, the second installment being 6 months after the first.

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