Buy an Existing Landscapeing and Gardening Business Surrey

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I have been offered the chance to buy profitable landscape gardening business based in Surrey. This business has been incorporated since January 2011.

The business currently maintains gardens and grounds doing lawn cutting, hedge and tree cutting and garden clearance and tidy up, as well as, the soft landscaping for a building contractor. It is also registered with the local authority to tender for work.
This business focuses mainly on large domestic properties, care homes, schools and business, as well as, the construction industry. My goal is to expand the business throuout the current location and beyond to hopefully make this a national business, I will do this with careful market research and employment as well as running some carefully planned advertising campaigns. I also think the business can broaden its services it offers to also increase revenue. I would also like the business to help community's weather that be youth groups charities or individuals, I would do this by offering time and services for free or at heavily discounted prices.

I have been speaking with the current owners for the last 2 months and have requested several documents and received them which I will show when the time is right.
I have been working in property and garden maintenance for the last 8 years and have finally gained enough experience and confidence to take on this new challenge that's been offered to me.
I would be looking for the investment to help complete the purchase of the business for 20% equity, I have also been offered their property but have not included this in this round of funding but if it's something you would be interested in on top I have a plan to make a second business out of the property and have also looked at ways to expand that, although I haven't done a business plan on this idea, but I have for the landscaping business.

Competitive Advantage

I will use greener technologies to help see off the competitors, to help people stick with us we will try to form partnerships with product suppliers so customers know and trust the products we use will be safe for pets and children as well as the environment

Rationale for the deal

I have been working in this type of thing for 8 years and have extensive knowledge of hardscaping and landscaping, this is where I think I can make the biggest expansion plans as the company does not focus on this side of the business as much at present. I will also look to expand into tree surgery to broaden the business customer base as well develop a more sophisticated business. I will also look to expand into the property maintenance side of thing i.e. Window and guttering cleaning, repointing and exterior painting I am also going to look for more greener technologies to use in the business and use this as a unique selling point, to do this I will look to buy battery operated tools and charging them using solar power.

Use of financing

I would use the finances to help complete the purchase alongside a bank loan. I will only need the one round of funding as after I will reinvest the profits to help grow the business.

Opportunity for the investor

I am open to any type of investor but would prefer a silent partner with me offering them 20% in return.

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