Diamond Dealership Start-Up. Monopoly Position. 30% Stake Offered

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

To buy rough diamonds, have them cut and polished, set the diamonds in unique 1 of a kind pieces of jewellery and then sell either at auction or to individual clients.

Our target group is the wealthy population of the channel islands, UK.

Revenue generation is based on current stones owned by us and the estimated retail value of the loose diamond, not the possible profit available from resale as that is speculative at this stage. We take an estimate of the diamonds price from the bourses around the world, and the retail = auction prices of similar types of stone sold throughout the world.

We believe this is a viable business venture, as the island has a large percentage of its population to be wealthy and to enjoy the finer comforts of life.

Current progress: We have amassed a small collection of coloured stones and are in the process of setting them for auction/resale.

We aim to have our first piece of jewellery available for sale in the next 2 months and should start a fairly rapid expansion from then onward. (Depending on market climate) a key milestone will be upon the sale of a currently in work piece that should retail for approximately $300,000.

Ideally we would need an initial lump sum investment of $50,000 or more, with a possible extra investment of $50,000 after 6 months depending on the sale of any piece.

The offer is a 30% stake in the company, making the investor an equal partner with myself and my brother.

Competitive Advantage

We would not only be the first diamond dealer on the island, but the only one in the group of islands in the British channel.

We would also be the only supplier of coloured stones in the islands.

This is an opportunity for a monopoly position on an island with a large wealthy population. All the islands are VAT free tax havens allowing for no import duties on diamonds.

This is a rare and unique opportunity that with the diamond price set to rise, will not last long.

Rationale for the deal

There are no other dealers in the Channel Islands and we have amassed a small collection of rare and valuable coloured stones.

No other jeweller sells coloured diamonds in the islands.

The profits will be made at auctions and with retail sales locally and among the other islands.

I have an experienced graduate GIA gemmologist on hand and 2 more currently studying for gemmologist certificate, with specialization in coloured stones.

I am experienced in finance and running a business, with accounting skills and an investment based background.

Use of financing

Funding is for purchasing of rough diamonds for cutting and machinery for mapping rough diamonds and marking them for maximum yield.

I wish to get this business started before the diamond price starts to rise rapidly in the next few years as there will be an opportunity for capital growth alongside the profits of resale. I run my own delivery business and work extra hours in a local retail store to generate capital for this start up however it is slow and inefficient.

Ideally, there is going to be the only round of financing , as I currently have suppliers of rough diamonds, processes to have rough diamonds cut and polished, and everything to set the stones in high quality jewellery. I also have several channels for marketing and selling of the finished jewellery or loose diamonds.

Opportunity for the investor

I am looking for an investor who is not averse to risk, someone who will take part in every step and be an equal partner in the company with my brother and I. I would hope for advice and ambition. I am offering a 30% stake in the company for an equal partner who is willing to join a business start up that could make massive profits.

This is a slight gamble with the length of time it may take for a particular piece to sell, but we hope to build a well known brand in the process that embodies elegance, style and sophistication. Which is what we require from ourselves and any prospective investor.

We would hope for an investor to sit down and discuss where the money would go, as the investor would be an equal partner. But an initial lump sum would be necessary for the purchase of equipment and rough diamonds.

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