London Nightlife Investment Opportunity with Seasoned Professionals

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

An exciting opportunity to invest in a new London private members club with experienced, dynamic and seasoned professionals.

The purpose is not to copy the monotony of London clubs, but to bring a new dimension to the scene, encompassing quality, service and excellence, not quantity.

To establish the venue as a premium purveyor of excellence throughout the night life scene in London and to combine an eclectic mix of décor, drink, entertainment and service where the emphasis is not on quantity, whether that be customers or sales, but quality in both.

To base the venue in the Internationally renowned area of Mayfair, the venue will provide a fresh and unique private members club experience that cannot be found elsewhere in London.

To establish the venue as something that London has not seen before. Focussing on not copying the monotony of current themes and operations of London clubs, but to introduce a new dimension to the scene and redefine standards throughout the industry at every level.

Through continuous market research, critically evaluate and analyse both the market and our competitors strengths and weaknesses to gain an on going understanding of what they are doing, events and promotions and what the venue can do in order to surpass them at every level.

The venue will differ from venues currently in existence not only in the Mayfair area where the main competition has been identified, but London as a whole throughout all areas, such as design and décor, drinks and cocktail menu, state of the art technology, staffing, security and operations.

To create an ambience of amazement within the club through the décor.

The venue will encompass a number of different themes, colour schemes and secrets, almost setting the clientèle a challenge.

Having two different areas/bars at opposite ends of the venue that attract each other and fuse together in the central nucleus of the main lounge dance floor

The venue has the ability and contacts to attract World renowned DJ's, making these accessible to our clientèle.

The venue will provide a VIP experience bespoke and tailored to each client by expertly trained staff drawn from the finest bars, restaurants and members clubs in London that can cater for their needs both in the club and for external events.

The partners are well versed and experienced in this field, with one currently owning a venue that has seen year on year growth.

The partners are willing to put a proportion of capital against the investment and the project is still in the seed status.

The partners wish to capitalise on where other venues are failing and sites are becoming available quickly throughout Mayfair due to other venues not providing the highest levels of service required.

Competitive Advantage

After conducting extensive market research of both a primary and secondary nature, a gap in market has been identified for opening a venue that is different and unique in every way. Offering a top quality product is not enough nowadays.

The clientèle need to be given a reason to come to the venue and constantly reminded of the fantastic experiences they can share there. Providing a service that is completely unrivalled, the mix of different themed rooms, a range of classic and house twist drinks and cocktails made with the finest ingredients and spirits sourced globally and the exclusivity of membership to clients with benefits that can be enjoyed both internally and externally will set the venue apart from all others.

These advantages can be sustainable because the strong network of word of mouth throughout London and the night life scene will ensure that a reputation for providing a level of service that cannot be found elsewhere, the amazement of the venue and décor, a drinks and cocktail selection exclusive to the venue, and VIP and table service that sets a new bench mark throughout the industry.

Rationale for the deal

Both partners will grow the business into an Internationally recognised brand, but not to lose sight of the vision, being the attention to detail and client experience.
Both partners will not take a salary from the venture for the first year and from then it will be when the venue is making significant profit and dividends have been issued to the investor.

The partners have decided to utilise this method in order to achieve the best results for the business. It will keep the passion and drive and more importantly the focus on making the business a complete success and highly profitable.

Use of financing

The use of the financing will be for the full setting up of the venture, including legal, premises, stock, training, business rates, inital wages and start up costs for the venue.

Opportunity for the investor

Equity Investment.

The partners wish to offer equity for investment.

The share (that is negotiable to some extent) of equity has been set at 25% of the company, of which the venue will be a wholly owned asset.

Dividends will be paid through the profits and the re-payment of the original investment has been estimated at 5 years total.

The desired investment would be paid together in order to create this venture in one go.

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