Invest in a Worldwide Talent (All Disciplines) Organisation

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The organisations aim is to develop and nurture both new and established talent worldwide. The organisation would use an online website hub as its studio/office.

The organisation is being set up to develop and nurture talent worldwide.It will assist new talent from all disciplines and skills throughout the world.

It is intended that new organization will be based in either London or Dublin. It will be based in office accommodation at the heart of one of these two cities. It will contain a small administration staff involved in talent development/sponsorship/awards/collaboration/communication and the international talent database. The website will be used to enable all of the registered members to fully discuss and debate the continued development of the organisation. We will be seeking a Donor to back the setting up and development of this new venture. A new venture that has as its motto: ‘Thought Produces Action’

There will be no limit to the disciplines and skills joining. Indeed anything from Scientist to Engineer/Industrial Designer/Interior Designer/Actor/Filmmaker/Musician/Painter/Sculptor/Writer to Aircraft Engineer.

The Organization would work closely with centers of excellence from all over the world. Out of this association would develop a new, annual International awards ceremony, open to all. Donors, Sponsors and industry professionals would be invited and encouraged to meet new talent and allow the synergy of like minds to blossom.

A newly found Donor would be re-writing history, by allowing the development of an organisation that prizes the nurturing of innovation and new ideas!

“There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who, thanks to their art and intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun”
Pablo Picasso

The organization will address the increasingly haphazard wastage of talent, resources and money worldwide. It will do this by enabling prolonged development and management of international talent.

Talent development needs to be planned and managed for true long lasting success.

Our aim is to bring a breath of fresh air into industry, commerce and education, as a whole. We want to bridge the gap between commercial prowess and technical/creative ability worldwide.

The organization will be proactive in the market place, developing global talent, its own companies and centres of excellence.

Executive Summary

The initial aim of the proposed organization is to directly intercede into the global talent marketplace. It will seek out, develop and sustain new and established talent alike. The organization will acquire and set up its own individual companies (Marketing/Public Relations/Sales/Production). The proposed organization would become a byword for quality talent management and development, in a very short period.

Proposal and Vision

The organization will explore individual industries/sciences/arts in a phased 2 year cycle.

Old attitudes to talent need to be questioned and if necessary discarded. The world has to recognize that human needs and resources need to change.Employers needs and the talents required are changing faster than at any other time in history.

“Talent needs to be nurtured, not just found”

It seems to me that the time has come for a global, independent organization, such as the entity I propose, to directly intercede into the talent development area. An organization that recognizes that talent needs resources, management and time to develop.

We are seeking an individual 100% equity owner with $40,000,000 to invest. The organisation will be based in the largest media city in Euro

Competitive Advantage

There is no other organisation offering to develop talent worldwide. We will have access to studio facilities at Media city and access to Pinewood studios. Two major UK Universities and a prestigious European Film School will be involved.

Rationale for the deal

Whoever backs the proposal will gain enormous returns on a long term investment. It will also attract a lot of prestige towards the investor and his/her companies. This is due to the Universities involved and because we will be developing new talent to take the world forwards..

Use of financing

1/ $1m to buy premises
2/Only 6 staff members
3/Minimum equipment and office furniture
4/Developing our own marketing department in-house

Opportunity for the investor

Major media attention will be generated on an on-going basis and the use of major names, wishing to be a part of the organisation.

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