Looking for Short Term Entertainment Investment w/ROI within 2017

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Seeking £19,300 short term investment in exchange for 1% of British Film Company.
ROI within 2017 [if Investor chooses]

£19,300 Investment in UK Company in exchange for 1% ownership in the company.
Company currently worth £1,930,000
Agreement will be that the company will buy back the 1% for £34,000 before the end of 2017 as we already have a much larger second round of funding lined up.
ID/Corporate Account/Companies House Registered Company details all available.

On a first come, first served basis. We'll only be selling 1% as it's the only requirement
remaining to close our Round 2.
Alternatively, Investor can keep the 1% in the company for 12 months and take 1% of profits.

Competitive Advantage

Direct deal with our company. All Share price is based on Assets both now and later, therefore we will guarantee the minimum buy-back at £34,000

Rationale for the deal

Requirement to conclude a smaller equity deal closer to home in order to secure large International Investment ie: 1st Round to 2nd Round.

Use of financing

Business Growth

Opportunity for the investor

Investment: £19,300 GBP
ROI: £34,000 GBP
Duration: 2.5 Months - 12 Months [Investors choice]
Backed by Verified Assets & Equity in the Company

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