Entertainment Investment w/Guaranteed Profit for New Film Studio

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

£3.3M Sterling for Studio Operations including a Film Project.
Allows: Purchase of Production Equipment, Production Base Property, Three Production Vehicles & the Film

Ground breaking structure that guarantee's investors a profit no matter how the Studio's first feature performs at the UK & International Box Office.

All Film Investments have "risk" associated with them, much like "investments" in general. Where the investor usually takes on this risk, yet usually has very little involvement in the production, we have bumped the investor up the food chain and backed up the Investment with our own collateral which ultimately "Guarantee's" investors will walk away with more than they originally invested.

We take the risk so the Investor doesn't have to. Can't say fairer than that right?

Competitive Advantage

You'll be dealing directly with the Studio making the film and not sharks luring you into investments for other companies.

Rationale for the deal

Working capital/launch

Use of financing

Business Growth

Opportunity for the investor

Investment: £3,300,000 GBP
ROI: £3,400,0000 GBP [minimum]
Duration: 3 years max
Backed by Verified Assets & Equity in the Studio

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