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We are currently working with a New York based Hedge Fund who have funded one of our movies.
The Fund works on the following stipulations 20% secured and min $5m USD per project with $1m USD = 20%.
We require one or more investors to come in with the 20% per project or full slate which ever is thier preference.

Angel Motion Pictures
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Jacob $5M
Turpin Legend of a Highwayman $5m
Chupacabra $22m
Osian $5m
Murder Justified $5m
Replicated $5m
Gabriels Price $5m
Haunted Road $5m
Strangers Among Us $5m
Severed $5m
Rehab $5m
Ronna $5m
The Lodger $5m
Iris $5m
Judge Ice $15m
Last Resort $5m
Men At Arnhem $45m

Most of the projects are in the advance stage of development some still in script stage updates to each project are happening daily with cast and crew attachments.

As we mentioned we require an Investor to come in with at least 20% of the project allowing us to funnel the project through the Hedge Fund, the investment can be secured against Tax Credit Rebate based on below the line cost so investors shall be entitled to at least 115% ROI of their investment.

Interested investors can contact us on Merar.

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