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Opportunity Snapshot

Career Fair - Investment Project about UK Job Listings Platform Britain has a 24-Hour economy that requires people to work at night and what we have done is to create a specialty site that tailors to this need by offering the first jobs site devoted strictly to night jobs. Image courtesy: COD Newsroom, 2014, Flickr CC.

Investment Opportunity

UK based first of its kind website that offers Search filters and Listing features for exclusively part time and full time NIGHT/EVENING JOB vacancies.

UK NIGHT JOBS publishes two types of Jobs:

1. Most importantly, we publish LOCAL JOBS gathered from jobs posted directly onto our platform through our marketing and national/local campaigns to small and big establishments including the job recruitment agencies and local employers in specific localities. These business establishments are approached for possible Job Vacancy Requirements and we ourselves post their vacancies onto the website or let them do it themselves. Establishments we approach for the Job Vacancies include Recruiters and Employers from various industries which includes Logistics, Security, Health and Social Care, Retail, Construction, Airports, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Courier Services, Hospitality ... and the list just goes on.

Jobs posted locally to us have the ability to be converted into “Featured Jobs” and “Priority Jobs” giving such jobs on our platform. There is also a CV database facility which allows Job Providers to search directly for CVs meeting their needs

2. We also publish night job vacancies from popular Job Listing websites after taking their approval and integrating their APIs. We have already integrated job listings from “”, “” and“”. We look forward to integrate many more such Job Provider APIs that list existing job vacancies all over the UK.

Competitive Advantage

Britain has a 24-Hour economy that requires people to work at night and what we have done is to create a specialty site that tailors to this need by offering the FIRST jobs site devoted strictly to night jobs. We foresee UK NIGHT JOBS as the Search and Listing HUB or a SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT for Night Job vacancies from a web of innumerable job posting websites that are bound to multiply manifold in the coming years. We believe our model is unique and is out to save the Jobseekers’ precious time and simplify their effort in tracking down Night Specific Jobs.

We intend to provide services to the Jobseekers by simplifying and congregating NIGHT JOBS in one central platform. Jobseekers no longer have to search for NIGHT jobs on different known or unknown websites. They no longer have to visit and pay recruiters for finding them with NIGHT jobs. When someone wants night jobs in the UK, it is going to be UK NIGHT JOBS that’s going to be on their minds. This domain name in itself promises a massive boost to the marketing campaign.

We look forward to pioneer the Night Jobs market as sole providers of all forms of jobs that come under the “Evening or “Night” job categories. UK Night Jobs would be a culmination point of job vacancies posted locally by Employers and from local Job Recruitment Agencies. Providing immense scope for growth and popularity would also be the Aggregation of jobs on UK NIGHT JOBS website, from all possible competitor websites and giant players in this huge and vast job market that ventures on promoting job search & listing services in the UK.

As some of the known brands in the other sectors, we want to be the point of focus and major player in the untapped niche that focuses on a platform for posting and searching for only NIGHT JOB vacancies throughout the UK. This in itself is a game changer in this industry that needs new ideas and a service that makes Jobseekers and recruiters to do things better.

Rationale for the deal

Some of the significant things what we have done so far was to create an amazing website and to systematically choose a domain name that has the potential to sell the product and to become a house-hold name among recruiters and jobseekers looking for night job vacancies.

We have also built the platform using features that makes in attractive to potential users. These include robust search features, Facebook integration, friendly user interface and easy navigation. Presently we have partnered with Jobg8 as a source of jobs for revenue generation. We also have integrated APIs from major job aggregators such as, Career to pull only night jobs vacancy feeds unto our platform. In terms of marketing, our Facebook campaign has earned us 3,900 likes in a limited timeframe and we hope with more investment in the marketing front, we have the potential to gain more popularity within the UK job market.

We have a PR that has been published on PR Wire to notify the media of our lunch and achievement of being the first job website in the UK for NIGHT JOB only vacancies. We hope to do more in the PR area by creating stories and blogs that will catch the attention of journalist for publications.

We are currently placed on page 1 of the Google Search on keyword “UK Night Jobs”, page 2 on “Night Jobs in the UK”, and page 2 on “Night Jobs”. All these have been achieved organically mainly through the number of people that have genuinely visited us on Google. We believe we can improve our ranking on Google for more relevant keywords and gain more popularity by putting in sufficient investment into this area.

Use of financing

For a site like this to build a user base, we are in need of an expert marketing plan. We need to let the name of our site be known to government facilities and other community resources putting people in touch with jobs. Our specific focus makes us a valuable resource; employers in search of workers will see the value in posting to a site focused solely on the night shift jobs.

We want to use the fund raised through this campaign mainly to achieve extensive marketing plan that we already have in place, as well as to improve the platform more technically through integration of more relevant APIs to make sure that we are the major source for most of the night jobs being offered throughout the UK.

Our marketing plans will be targeted towards introducing our products to vast majority of potential employers that are yet to know about what we do. Secondly, we plan to market it to jobseekers so that we become a popular choice website for them when it comes to searching for a night job.

Some of the marketing plan we want to execute with the funds include extensive email marketing to jobseeker and employers/recruiters, quality PR and blog for electronic, social media marketing and to actively feature on magazines and conferences/expo involving jobseekers, potential recruiters and the job board industry.

We will need funds to improve the integration of technology on the platform to make job posting and job searching more efficient to our users. Some of these will include various multi-posting technology, integration with Facebook, LinkedIn and any of such technology that can aid our growth in the industry. We plan to start an online call centre or an HR service for paid Premium Job Seeker

Members who would be provided with personalized services by our staff for:
1. CV creation,
2. Daily Job search and recommendations to employee via phone or email on a periodic basis,
3. Scheduling job interviews by mediating between the Employer and the Employee.

As already mentioned, funds will also be allocated to improve on the number of job website APIs that we have integrated already in order to extend the number of jobs we make available to jobseekers. Our vision with the website is to be the platform that is offering the UK night jobseekers 95% or more of the night jobs being advertised in the UK.

With an excellent Marketing team and sufficient funds to back us up, we believe that UK NIGHT JOBS .CO.UK will be a much preferred and sought after Jobs Listing & Search website in the very near future.

Opportunity for the investor

45% Equity for the first 3 years from the returns. Open to negotiations.

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