New Live interactive (Radio Controlled) Games and Challenges

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I am in the middle of launching a new website to go global later this year. Initially in the UK and European reach and then possibly a global development and maybe franchise. The idea, tried and tested to a good result is the controlling of RC vehicles and objects. The end user can control a vehicle from home, live in interactive competitions.

The product delivered is a world-first. There is no other like it.
To control from home a variety of RC devices, which you can pitch, live against other people in various games and challenging scenarios. Some individual and other team work. Some of the events will be special events with live commentary on the proceedings.

The engine room, How it all works:
This has been tried and tested. With the ongoing improvement in super fast broadband and the eventual inception of 4G, this has gone from beyond being a possibility to an actual reality, which will only but improve more.

The devices when controlled across a local latency, say of a continent, like Europe, react instantaneously to commands. The only delay, as would be expected is on the video and audio stream, which we have got down to just over a second. With this in mind, the games and events themselves will cater for this, leaning toward games of skill and team working as opposed to millisecond decisive events such as races (for the moment..).

The project codenamed 'Capricorn' has been in active development for less than a year. I have recruited to the venture a good honest web design and production team, who have been able to program and write the commands and work with the special equipment to make it all work along with the initial testing costing about $3000, after which I have personally invested in total about $19-20,000
The website is all structured out and about 2/3rds to completion.

A good business idea? I believe so and has at a minimum originality and is real. There are more and more 'live' casinos and a need to deliver more and more live events on the television. The internet can be the same. I am looking to capture the appeal of programs like robot wars and deliver it online in fun and intuitive interactive competitions, fed by the fact prizes will be on offer depending on leader board positions and all delivered by a low credit-based system. This is different in every way typified by the edition of live commentary... Possibilities are endless especially as the internet improves more than it has already.

Games will be credit based, say £10 ($16) would buy 8 games. £5 to buy 3 games.
Points attributed will go to a leader board with a good return of prizes.
More rooms, more games, more income.

An opportunity has arisen because, like most things this has cost me more than I originally anticipated. I need someone else to come on board and share my vision, either invest quietly, match my investment at least or come hands-on. I need to remain, understandably as the principal share holder but this will be run by a panel of advisers for the best interests of all concerned.

The project is at a mid-way point. I have no money left for marketing as such, though have produced a small taster video. Being live events the danger is to have too many visitors and not enough opportunities to play to begin with. The games and 'rooms' associated will need to be grown in addition to more marketing and popularity. Please search for micromayhemdotcom on youtube. I should be having a holding page launched soon on the domain name, here people will be able to see a layout of the homepage and how it will roughly look plus see the video, pictures of development and register interest by leaving an email.

The funding required is to complete the building of the remaining launch models, finish off the website and assist with a short term rental agreement of a suitable venue once this is almost ready to go live.

Competitive Advantage

There is currently no competition. Slow global roll-out can be countered by a franchise arrangement whereby a ready-made package can be sold to potential competitors to bring out there own versions under certain restrictions and ongoing agreements.

This has been heavily researched and tested to a point whereby once this is live in UK and Europe will make a good product to sell off and earn an income from. Asia in particular would be excited by this and some comments I have had from a limited 'facebook' exposure have been promising.

Rationale for the deal

Up to 40% for the right person to come in and help me deliver this. This is not a very expensive in comparison to a lot of others out there. A further £17,000 ( $25,000) would get this up and running.

Use of financing

To buy the remaining web production
To rent a suitable space
To market as appropriate to get a feed of people to site in order to progress and expand
To purchase the remaining models (for launch). The site will go on to feature other models and robotics beyond cars, which will be first. Boats and construction vehicles will be of interest too.
To purchase the remaining computer equipment.

I have receipts of all purchases and can show a transparent list of purchases to date and am disappointed I cannot complete this alone. However, other persons with other skills will be of great use to finally bring this to life.

Looking for similar investment opportunities