Online Personal Styling and Designing Service With a Difference

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Investment Opportunity

This is an online personal styling and designing service with a difference. We don't virtually style you, we re-invent you.

This is an online personal styling and designing service with a difference. We don't virtually style you, we re-invent you in the real world by creating an exclusive wardrobe made following your own specifications.

We dress you in the style that you have always dreamed of, a style to make you stand out from the crowd in any occasion. We deal in the unique, we style according your individuality.

Try your personalised wardrobe with an attitude. An attitude that says Yes to who you are, an attitude that celebrates you regardless of your body shape. With the help of your personal designer, we will always style you beautiful.

Competitive Advantage

We provide guidelines and recommendations in dressing;

This is a platform where an outfit is exclusively designed for a specific client for her specific occasion according to her body shape, personality and within her budget. In other words this is a personalised designing plus styling service.

Client Benefits:
In the office, at home, out for a vacation, out for any event, any occasion with us on their side, clients will know how to dress to impress in any setting.

Clients will know which colours, patters, textures and shapes to seek and which one to shun.

Clients will learn to recognise which garments flatter them, no more throwing away their money on clothes which will never see the light of day.

Gain Confidence: When Clients know, they’ll look and feel great and this will
give them the confidence to relax and get on with the job at hand knowing their image is working for them.

Their new image will turn heads and attract attention.

Celebrating You:Discover the new flamboyant you.

Rationale for the deal

Fashion Industry: The Fashion Industry has short product life cycles, vast product differentiation and is characterised by a great pace of demand change couples with rather long and inflexible supply processes.

Consumers are demanding more versatile wear with wider functionality, which means designers continue producing new styles of apparel for men and women.

The U.S. Apparel market is the largest of the world, comprising about 28 percent of the global total and has a market value of about 331billion U.S. dollar.

The U.S. Apparel market is always changing attempting to adapt to customer’s trends and new technology that will allow the consumer’s shopping experience to be more enjoyable and ergonomic.

It is expected to grow from USD 225 billion in 2012 to USD 285 billion in 2025 ; CAGR of 2%.

Use of financing

Branding & Promotions

Opportunity for the investor

Here I’ve shown a bare minimal growth of 16% annually in our designing project and 20% annually in our store. The growth is likely to increase depending on how much we fuel into our advertising and promotional activities.

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