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Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our Online Poker and Casino Company was launched in July 2010, the business consists of two websites plus fully integrated online poker and casino software. We offer players around the world first class gaming experience and top of the range gaming platforms which are operated in a secure, licensed and regulated environment.

Our online poker room is a part a universally known online poker network. Being a part of the network gives our players continuing benefits of wider choice of games, tournaments and promotions available on the market while keeping the company’s operational costs down to a fraction of a stand alone gaming operation. Being a network partner, the company also benefits from 24/7 technical and player network support, joint cashier, security, intelligence and licensing arrangements thus further keeping the costs of the operation to the minimum.

Being an online business our focus was to set up an effective marketing and support team including the best web-design team with over 15 years of exclusive experience in the online gaming industry, partner with an award winning affiliate marketing company, in-house player support to provide even better customer services to our players and obtain deeper understanding of their needs. A lot of effort was put into SEO, achieving Google page 1 positions on many desirable keywords.

Since launch the company’s turnover has exceeded $100,000 and is continuing to grow month by month. We forecast the revenue for 2012 in the region of $200,000 and growing progressively thereafter.

At present the company has a very simple entrepreneurial structure and is led by two directors who are the majority shareholders. This simple structure suits the company for the ease for strategy implementation and facilitates decision-making process with the lack of bureaucracy. The directors have over 30 years of combined experience in online gambling operations, online and offline marketing, financial markets, foreign exchange and senior management with small companies, large multi-national corporations and running their own businesses to success.

The Industry

Despite global economic slowdown internet gaming is a growing industry. H2 Gambling Capital, a leading expert in gambling data and intelligence, estimates the global gaming market to hit $30 billion in 2012. This is despite the fact that the biggest potential markets like USA, China and Japan still prohibit online gaming. At the same time positive developments for the recent few days in legalization of online gaming in the US allow for even more optimistic forecasts. In the UK alone online gambling market is estimated to be of £1.48 billion. UK gambling commission figures show that 68% of the population (about 32 million adults) had participated in some form of the gambling activity in the UK in 2010 (2011 figures are not available yet). Excluding people who only played National Lottery, 48% of the UK population (about 23 million adults) engaged in other types of gambling activity. While online gaming in Europe is keeping strong and USA is showing a huge potential, when legal issues are resolved, other global markets are looking promising due to further development and wider availability of high speed internet technology and secure local payment options becoming available in the new markets such as Asia and Latin America.


We now require further capital for further marketing and expansion. We have a full business plan available on request. We are very passionate about our business and we would invite any interested angel investors to contact us and to discuss this investment proposal further with us. We are confident that this project will be profitable for you.

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