Romantic Social Networking - 2nd Generation Internet Dating & Travel

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Dating between Russia, Ukraine and the West is very popular with the market leader earning over $30m a month. The first generation was introductions from database.

Our second generation is to facilitate actual meetings by helping arrange travel and language facilities for Western guys. Launch in 10-12 weeks from Investment.

Download full project description and business plan on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

Market Leader in dating with Ukraine and Russia is, followed by Anastasia Date. These businesses are both US centric and do not target United Kingdom. The Eastern European girls complain that the guys chat and e-mail but do not visit them.

Romantics UK Ltd targets the UK and arranges the complete package down to the arrangement of travel and first date, language facilities and money transfer.
We believe that we have this advantage because we have interviewed and met many girls in the last two years and used their experiences to improve the model. It is believed to be sustainable because there are >3m unattached guys of 40+ in the UK and they are not specifically targeted for this market.

Rationale for the deal

The dating business for Ukrainian and Russian girls is a huge opportunity because there are only 84,000 guys for 100,000 girls in the demographics.
We make money from recurring membership, e-mail, chat, introductions, travel, dates, restaurants, and information.

The opportunity is to make a successful date rather than just the introduction.
We estimate from the ID numbers and e-mail headers that Dream Marriage add around 70,000 members each month and turn over $30million each month from just memberships, chat and e-mail.

Use of financing

We need the investment in two stages - $150k to complete the web site design and the database programming ready for upload of the female members from Marriage Agencies, and to recruit these Agencies to our Site.

The second tranche of $450k is to market the operation to the UK dating scene and take the business to profitability in the first year.
If the seed capital is available in November, the second tranche will be needed in February.

Reason for requiring investment... the founder has spent all his available cash on getting the project to present stage (2 years and 14 visits to Ukraine)
See mock-up site at

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