Young Dynamic Mobile/Tablet App Company Needs Investment to Grow

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We plan to create a number of mobile phone applications that will help and support the user with everyday decisions. We need investment to develop our applications.

Welcome to 'Haven't Got a Stitch to Wear' - a young and dynamic company that plans to create mobile and tablet applications to serve different interests including fashion, food, fitness and more. Our first app is focused on fashion and will provide an interactive wardrobe for the user. The company was founded in July 2012 after an in-depth conversation about how there are not many fashion based applications that can give you options for different outfits.

Being a very young business we may have disadvantages over other businesses but in this short space of time we have developed long term plans for the applications and company plus where we want to take them.

The company only consists of the two founders at the moment as we don't want to get ahead of ourselves during this vital time for any new business. Even though we both have non-business backgrounds we always make sure we go through every decision thoroughly and precisely.

Rationale for the deal

The current fashion market caters for everyone from high street to high end boutiques, with an age ranging from teens to the mid-fifties which includes people with a disposable income to those big money spenders. The fashion industry attracts people from all backgrounds and demographics. We plan to attract those people who range from teens to early thirties as we believe these individuals are most likely to pay money for applications like ours. The main reason we believe this is because technology plays a massive part in this particular age range, which in turn makes our application a more attractive opportunity for these fashionistas.

With our application we're hoping to make it easier for individuals who don't have the money to buy a brand new outfit every weekend by showing what they already have in a pocket-sized wardrobe. This will help show them what accessories or other items they can add to outfits which they originally thought wouldn't work. Hence, we will save them money on shopping but still give them the ideal outfit. This idea would appeal to students as money is sparse and is needed for other outgoings like rent for accommodation or stationary for lectures. But letting students still look good on a night out without the guilt of spending vast amounts of money on clothes.

Use of financing

Funding is needed for Application Development and Marketing.

We're planning to do various marketing events like talking to customers in the street and asking what they think of our idea, creating contemporary/imaginative leaflets which explain the app features and the idea behind it, and finally a pop-up stall for the business, in our local town, where customers get to ask us questions and sign up to the application.

These events will hopefully get the word out for our business and start a newsletter/mailing list for the company featuring new features in the future and different deals we agree to with different brands.

We're also hoping to do different versions of the app for men and women instead of one version for both. In doing that we can make each version more appealing for each sex and add different features for both instead of adding too many features on to one application. This will make our application more appealing to men and women therefore not isolating either in the process.

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