Super Quads Import, Assembly and Distribution

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project idea is to import quad bikes for half the retail price and new sport bike engines for a small price. Change the frame of the quad bikes to fit the engines of the sports bikes. The funding is required for starting up rent of garage, purchase of first quad and first engine and a van to deliver the quads.

I am hoping to start by selling one a month. Each one will be sold for double the amount of the quad, engine and work that’s added.

I estimate 8,000 pounds being made on each sale. There are two businesses in the UK but they are using second hand quads and engines because they haven’t done the research that I have done.

This will sell because there are lots of people wanting a product unusual like this. it is only an idea it needs to start from the beginning. I have estimated 25-50,000 pounds.

If you are interested to invest in this business contact me.

Competitive Advantage

As I explained above the other two companies are using old quads and old engines. They need to do more research like I have done to compete. My competitors could see my finished quads on e-bay or another advertisement but I will be in a different part of the country and I will have contacts that companies only do work for my company

My name is Damon Rose. I have had this idea for this project for a long time. In the last two years two companies have started doing this project. Because I had thought of the idea a long time ago I believe I can do it much better. The project is to import quad bikes cheap and engines of sport bikes cheap changing the chaise of the quad to fit the sports bike engine and sell the finished product for twice as much.

The companies that have started this haven’t done as much research as me they are using second hand quads and engines. Please if you could help finance this project I believe one could be sold a month to start with and the profits would double. I would to start with need to employ a metal fabricator and a motor bike mechanic. I believe this project would do really good especially in London. Please can you help and advise me as much as possible.

Rationale for the deal

To make the best super quads on the market! They will need to step up the pace to get close to my company. As above the finished quad will be worth double the money its cost to purchase the quad the engine and the work involved.

Use of financing

As above - to rent garage buy the first quad and engine and a van to transport the quads. The investor will receive 50% of all profits made.

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