UK BMV Property Investment Fund

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

UK BMV (Below Market Value) Property Investment Fund. Total Funds required $15 million. Very experienced team. Fund will pay max 7% pa income and expected 100% ROI in 5 years. Available to High Net Worth, SIPP and SASS clients. Fund structure EPUT (Exempt Property Unit Trust).

Experienced UK property experts are launching Tax Exempt UK Property Fund with the huge private Bank Kleinwort Benson as Trustees to the Fund together with NCM Finance as Fund Operator who have 80 Funds under their management and $4 Billion of assets under their control. It is expecting to raise $15 million and will target Below Market Value properties in selected areas of the UK at up to 50% below RICS value. Some properties will be bought that need renovations, thus ensuring a greater capital appreciation over the 5 year term.

Others will be bought ready to rent and we will be purchasing an "anchor" project which will be bought at 50% BMV and show at least a 10% rental yield pa and when sold at the end of the 5 years will estimate to have doubled in value from the original purchase price. The fund will also be dealing in Lease Options which enables it to control a vast amount of property for little cash.Please see Pre-Promotion brochure below.

Because of the above strategy the Fund is able to pay an annual income of 5-7% and estimates a 100% ROI at the end of the 5 years.

Competitive Advantage

The UK BMV Property Investment Fund is the only one available in the UK that covers all aspects of property investment.
1. Annual Income
2. Capital Appreciation
3. Lease Options
4. Anchor Project
5. Tax Exempt
6. Time Is Right

Rationale for the deal

The time is right to acquire BMV properties in targeted areas of the UK whilst the market is in flux.
The window of opportunity is now.
10% Uplift in value for the first $5 million of incoming funds.

Use of financing

It is envisaged that there will be no financing as all investment will be fully asset backed.

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